IBAK Orpheus Pan/Tilt &
Zoom/Drop Camera

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Equipment Description

The IBAK ORPHEUS 2 has been available since 2016. In comparison to its predecessor, it impresses above all with higher resolution, high light sensitivity and very good illumination that dispenses with the need for the additional lighting used hitherto in big pipe diameters.

Illumination is provided by 12 power LEDs which can be switched on and off in groups. In addition, it is equipped with integrated joint gap lighting and a temperature controlled light. This prevents the camera from overheating at maximum light intensity.

The ORPHEUS 3 is available since the end of 2017 and is also offered with explosion protection. The camera can be operated in DN 150 to DN 2000 pipes and is therefore versatile in operation. It combines the proven functionalities of the ORPHEUS such as the full rotatability of the camera head and automatic panning to inspect joints. In addition it is equipped with a 10x optical zoom and an integrated measuring system with two lasers. The LaserScan deformation measuring function makes it possible to analyze the deformation over the entire length of the sewer section. Measurements are performed via two laser points which ascertain the distance between the vertically aligned camera and the inner pipe wall and thus determine the pipe profile.

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Pan and tilt camera

DN 150 and up

Ø 110 mm / length 160

Approx. 1.6 kg (ORPHEUS 2) / approx. 1,85 kg (ORPHEUS 3)




e-Flip, every 180° (optional, switchable)

10x optical; 12x digital zoom optional

1:1,8 to 1:2,9

4.2 to 42

10+2 High Power LEDs, (2x for illuminating joint gaps) switchable, controllable, temperature controlled

1.0 lux (F 1.8, 1/50 s)

IP 68

0° C–+40° C during operation -30° C–+70° C for storage
1,0 bar

2 integrated pressure sensors (LCD indicator and acoustic alarm in the control unit)

Manually, automatic, can be operated by remote control



Approx. 60° diagonally


Manually, one-push autofocus, 1 cm – ∞, can be operated by remote control

1/2,5“ (ORPHEUS 2) / 1/4“ (ORPHEUS 3)


530 Lines PAL / 2530 Lines PAL

Yes, 2 lasers, LaserScan Mode



Optional (for mains)

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