Fall Protection Equipment Testing


Safety First

According to the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OHSA), falls are among the most common causes of work-related injuries and deaths. OHSA rules state that the following types of equipment and systems, and their installation, must be certified by a professional engineer:

  • Permanent Anchors
  • Anchors with Multiple Attachment Points
  • Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • Support Structures for Safety Nets
Fall Protection
Engineering design and installation of a horizontal static lifeline.

Our Service

IIA's complete Ontario fall arrest engineering system & package includes the following:

  • Plan & Elevation Layout
  • Anchor Design & Locations
  • Proper Installation Instructions
  • Lifeline Specifications
  • Maximum Persons & Weights

Our engineers and inspectors can also assist with:

  • Vertical Life Lines
  • Lanyard Arrest Anchor Points
  • Developing Rescue Procedures
  • Inspection of Fall Protection Systems, Harnesses, Lanyards, and more

Why Choose IIA for Fall Protection Equipment Inspections & Systems in Ontario?

IIA has the expertise needed to help your company set up proper fall protection measures to prevent employees from falling off elevated workstations, overhead platforms, and any work at heights. Our engineers can also inspect and recertify your fall arrest system as safe for use after the system has been used to arrest a fall. Contact our qualified staff if you require assistance with your fall arrest system.

Fall Protection
Review of a tower crane fall arrest line.
Fall Protection
IIA can take your fall protection system from initial concept to final design and certification (PSR).