Amusement Park Industry

We’re Serious About Amusement Park Safety

From rip-roaring roller coasters to the leisurely Ferris wheel, a visit to the fair, carnival or amusement park should be a carefree experience. Routine non-destructive testing (NDT) gives owners peace of mind and allows fairgoers to get in line for their favorite rides without worrying about safety.

Our certified experts use a wide range of tools and technologies, such as ultrasonic testing (UT), radiography (RT) and drone inspections, to accurately detect surface and subsurface defects — without compromising the ride’s ability to function.

IIA offers a broad range of testing and engineering solutions and unrivaled customer support. When it comes to amusement rides, we are serious about safety.


Drone Inspections

As a leader in remote visual inspections (RVI), we offer drone inspections to navigate the most challenging inspection scenarios — from amusement park rides to elevated conveyor belts, wind turbines, buried piping, and other hard-to-reach places. Our FAA licensed and NDT certified drone inspectors can quickly deliver the data you need, without safety concerns or the expense of scaffolding.

Fatigue Inspections & Non-Destructive Testing

Our fatigue inspection services provide the answers you need about the structural integrity of amusement park rides and other aging infrastructure. We use a combination of visual inspection and the latest non-destructive examination methods to closely inspect structural components. We are also IRATA certified to perform rope access inspections when accessibility is an issue. Our experts can also help you develop an inspection test plan targeting fatigue-prone details and provide oversight of testing activities.

Engineered Repair Solutions

Beyond our full menu of inspection offerings, we offer industry-leading engineering expertise. With a team of licensed structural, mechanical and welding engineers at your service, we can provide welding and structural engineering solutions to repair defects on critical components.

Construction & Assembly Inspection Services

In the field, our team can provide critical quality assurance oversight for construction and assembly of new rides. We take a fresh look at material specifications, structural components, assembly, welding and bolting process used in the field, and verify welder qualifications. Our experts are also available to provide QA oversight during fabrication of major components and verify compliance with drawings and procedures.

Reverse Engineering

IIA is one of the original pioneers in using 3D scanning for reverse engineering, geometry recreation and 3D modeling. If a repair part is not readily available and no CAD files exist, our Lab Services team can scan the geometry of the part or component, and determine its mechanical and chemical properties, so an exact duplicate can be manufactured.


With roots that date back nearly a century, IIA has earned a reputation as a trusted leader in testing, inspection, and certification. We are experts in both conventional and advanced non-destructive examination/testing (NDE/NDT). In the field and in the lab, we work with a range of devices and methodologies, including our own proprietary systems, to ensure the optimal approach for your unique needs. We bring an eye for detail to every inspection and experience that spans decades and industries.

Qualifications, Certifications & Accreditations

Our inspection personnel are certified in the U.S. and Canada to the following accreditations:


  • Nondestructive Testing – SNT-TC-1A
  • Visual Inspection – AWS CWI


  • Nondestructive Testing – CAN/CGSB-48.9712
  • Visual Inspection – CSA W178.2