With decades of experience helping manufacturers perfect their products, IIA provides a variety of in-house and on-site consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of manufacturers. With locations across the U.S., our professionals can help you find solutions to quality-related challenges, ranging from determining the right measuring instruments for monitoring key aspects of a manufacturing process to instituting a complete ISO 9001 quality system.

Quality Systems

Our quality assurance system consulting services are geared primarily toward the implementation of ISO 9001 for smaller businesses that need effective and economical assistance to establish or improve their quality systems.

  • ISO 9001
  • Quality manuals
  • Lead auditor
  • Gap audits

Process Measurement & Control

Quality measurement systems and evaluation are essential to process control, as they help to isolate the factors causing process variability.

Some of the services we provide include analysis, optimization of engineering drawings/requirements to maximize the validity and usefulness of measurements, specifying equipment or maximizing the effectiveness of existing equipment, statistical evaluations, proceduralization, application-specific training, implementation, and periodic monitoring.

Equipment Sales

IIA provides procurement, integration and design services. Our own measurement lab personnel are the most demanding of all when it comes to the inspection equipment they use. Because so many important factors must be considered, it can sometimes take months of research and testing to implement a new measurement capability. We will put this expertise to work for you to help specify, purchase, set up, integrate and validate the measurement and inspection equipment you need. We only recommend what we know and use every day.

We represent many of the top manufacturers of measurement equipment and offer a wide range of fine inspection instruments. We can even design, build, and calibrate custom gages to meet your unique needs.