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Driven by growing demand for clean energy, wind farms have become a common sight across many parts of North America. IIA offers a full range of field testing and laboratory services to benefit the wind power industry.

When a key piece of equipment fails on a wind farm, operators seek our help to determine if the damage mechanism is a widespread issue or an isolated event. Our expert non-destructive testing services can help determine the remaining life of equipment and aid operators in making maintenance and repair decisions to extend service life.

Some of our previous wind turbine projects include:

  • Rope Access Inspections: IIA is certified to perform rope access inspections on wind turbines and many other difficult to reach inspections. Our team members will obtain the Fall Protection & Rescue Certification required to safely climb to the top of wind turbines to perform in-service inspections. We can also inspect NDT Testing on repairs made by your employees or other contractors.
  • Phased Array Testing on Wind Turbine Blade Roots: IIA has performed phased array testing on wind turbine blade roots from inside the nose cone to detect and evaluate indications at the end of the bolt holes.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing on Yaw Bearing: In high winds, teeth on the yaw bearing that rotates the nacelle can fail. If too many teeth are lost, the nacelle will not remain in the proper position. IIA performs magnetic particle testing to determine the presence and extent of damage on the yaw bearing.
  • Lift Equipment Services: The safety, stability and structural integrity of large cranes and rigging equipment is critical when erecting a wind turbine. IIA is the industry leader when it comes to the fabrication and installation of new crane equipment, as well as the testing, training, maintenance, and repair of all crane systems.
  • Engineering Solutions for Lift Equipment: As a full-service company, our crane engineers can assist with engineered weld repairs and lift planning for heavy loads, tandem crane lifts or installation into difficult areas. We can also conduct accident investigations and develop repair procedures for damaged cranes and other construction equipment.

We're also IRATA Level 1 certified.

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