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IIA's Fire Equipment Testing Services is the premier provider of fire hose testing in the United States. When you sign with IIA, you can be confident that the job is professionally done, on time, and we guarantee you'll love the way everything looks when we leave. Ask about our hard suction hose testing service!

How We Set Ourselves Apart From The Competition

We have built proprietary testing equipment that allows us to test more feet of hose, under varying levels of pressure, faster and more accurately, than any other company. We adhere to a strict process which includes:

  • Removal of all hose from fire apparatus and racks
  • Recording all hose according to size, length and manufacturer
  • Ensuring all fire hoses have IIA service testing labels on each hose length
  • Service testing each hose length per NFPA and manufacturer's guidelines
  • Recording results of each hose length tested for NFPA compliance and insurance certification. Results are delivered by mail and/or electronically
  • After testing, repack each length of hose to its proper place on apparatus or rack

The IIA Difference Hard Suction Hose Testing

IIA also tests Hard Suction Hose (optional service) per NFPA 1962 section 7.5. using a dry vacuum versus the typical hydrostatic test. IIA will check all your hard suction hose for air leaks, physical damage, and inner lining issues that can cause collapse of the hose walls. All of our crews are outfitted with this testing equipment and can test your Hard Suction Hose at the same time as your regular hoses.

Lastly, we track your fleet's inspection needs and inform you when your equipment is due for inspections, reducing the opportunity for lapsing inspections. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, please contact us for a complete description of the services we provide. Let IIA Fire Department Testing provide your company with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that both your assets, and more importantly, your employees are protected.

Fire Departments

Comprehensive fire truck inspections, including Hose, Pump, Nozzle, Appliance as well Aerial & Ground Ladders.

Testing That Protects Firefighters AND Saves Money

IIA labels and records all information for each length of hose we test. Our crew supervisors and highly trained staff ensure that each hose length is both pressure tested and visually inspected. We record every length with details that are in accordance with NFPA standards and maintain a computerized history of your fire company's hose for every year we service them.

Additionally, the records we provide have been reviewed and accepted by ISO, the Insurance Services Organization, which rates fire departments on their adherence to safety standards. Annual records maintained by IIA and provided to each department have been accepted by ISO for years, and will help lower your township or city's insurance bills.


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