I Industrial Inspection & Analysis, Inc.™ (“IIA”) is a high growth industrial inspection, testing, and analytical company. IIA was founded in 2015 and began with a vision to build a national-class, diversified, industrial inspection firm serving a variety of promising sub-sectors with a focus on story-worthy customer service, technical leadership, and continuous improvement. The founders of IIA all had roots in the industrial economy, from technical fields to general management to finance, and saw confidence as the cornerstone of what IIA would provide its customers across all industries and services and immediately began searching for like-minded small businesses to join IIA to execute the vision.

Acquisition of like-minded businesses has always been and will continue to be a key part of our vision, along with a heavy focus on organic growth across all operating units, and an emphasis on positioning all IIA business units for the long-term, backed by patient family capital. In a few short years, Industrial Inspection & Analysis has emerged with a true unified indemnity, while retaining the local flavor of its heritage companies to best serve customers across all the sub-sectors IIA touches.

Corporate History


NDT Laboratories, LLC

NDT Laboratories, LLC is an approved DSCC test center and NADCAP accredited NDT service provider. Established in 1964, all facilities meet a variety of MIL-SPEC, ANSI, ASTM, and ASME specifications. NDT provides a full range of non-destructive inspection services including x-ray and gamma ray radiography (RT), dye penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT), and ultrasonic testing (UT). Based in Sunnyvale, CA.

Acquired by IIA in October, 2015


Diversified Inspections / ITL, Inc.

Originally founded in 1969, Diversified Inspections / Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. (“DI/ITL”) is the largest independent, third-party, safety and integrity inspection firms in the country specializing in on-site inspections of vehicle-mounted aerial lifts, digger derricks, fire trucks airline ground support equipment and live-line tools for a variety of companies, public & private utilities and municipalities. Based in Phoenix, AZ.

Acquired by IIA in March, 2018


Timco Engineering, Inc.

Timco Engineering, Inc. provides testing and certification of consumer products and devices emitting RF waves for compliance with the requirements of the FCC, Industry Canada, and the European Commission. Timco is strategically located in the U.S. and China.

Acquired by IIA in January, 2018


QC Group, LLC

QC Group, LLC provides story-worthy service to customers around the globe who are developing, expanding and supplementing their quality and engineering resources. With ISO 17025 accredited dimensional inspection laboratories, 3D scanning and modeling services, and onsite capabilities, we partner with businesses in every industry to help them grow their capacity and capability. Facilities in Minneapolis, MN, Albuquerque, NM, and Irving, TX.

Acquired by IIA in November, 2015


CraneCare, Inc.

CraneCare, Inc. is a an all-inclusive overhead and mobile crane service company handling inspections, certifications, load testing, operator training, maintenance, part sales, and installations. CraneCare is based in Albuquerque, NM and was founded in 1996 as a sister company to Diversified Inspections.

Acquired by IIA in March, 2018


Domson Engineering & Inspection Ltd.

Domson Engineering & Inspection Ltd. is well known as an industry leader when it comes to inspection, certification, and engineering services for the crane and lifting industry. Domson also specializes in providing visual inspection, nondestructive testing and engineering support for construction, power generation, oil & gas, chemical, steel fabrication, and manufacturing industries. Based in Ontario, Canada.

Acquired by IIA in December, 2017


IBB Technology of America, Inc.

IBB Technology is a leader in providing calibration services and measuring systems of the highest quality. Located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, contains an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. Specializing in dimensional calibration, IBB Technology's state-of-the-art line of calibration equipment is utilized in an environmentally controlled lab offering accuracy that is second to none.

Acquired by IIA in November, 2018


Advanced Technical Services NW, Inc.

Advanced Technical Services NW, Inc. is an ISO 17025 accredited organization located in Kent, WA, and recognized as a high-quality provider of calibration and pyrometry services in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to dimensional equipment, ATS specializes in temperature uniformities surveys, Rockwell hardness testers, calibration of force equipment including load cells, dynamometers and Universal Testing Machines.

Acquired by IIA in June, 2019


Atlas Inspection Technologies, Inc.

Atlas provides critical information, solutions and equipment to clients in petroleum refining, pipeline, power generation and related industries that require unparalleled reliability, safety & environmental control. Atlas offers end-to-end inspection services through its onsite engineering & services and buy-rent-repair options including borescopes, pipe cameras, thermal cameras, infrared windows, infrared cameras, sewer cameras, inspection cameras, and XRF analyzer equipment.

Acquired by IIA in October, 2018


Eagle NDT, LLC

Eagle NDT, LLC has a strong presence in South Texas. Eagle prides itself on providing top quality radiography services as well as non-destructive and welder testing to oil, gas and wind energy companies. Headquartered in Abilene, TX with satellite offices in Odessa, TX, Pleasanton, TX and Eunice, NM, Eagle NDT is a part of Fox NDE, which is part of IIA Field Services.

Acquired by IIA in May, 2017



Fox NDE, LLC is a rising competitive leader in the non-destructive testing industry. Focused on ensuring safe and efficient operation of your equipment and assets by detecting defects before they result in severe damage, in full compliance with national standards. Headquartered in Abilene, TX with satellite offices in Odessa, TX, Pleasanton, TX and Eunice, NM, Fox NDE is part of IIA Field Services.

Acquired by IIA in May, 2017



US NDI, LLC has developed a leading reputation in the Oil & Gas industry across Texas and the southern United States, by providing the highest level of safety and quality for industrial radiographic testing (RT). Experienced and highly trained, our mobile teams offer NDT services that fulfill the regulatory requirements of API, ASME, and AWS for quality control (QC) and asset integrity management (AIM) purposes. Headquartered in Abilene, TX with satellite offices in Odessa, TX, Pleasanton, TX and Eunice, NM, US NDI is part of IIA Field Services.

Acquired by IIA in December, 2015


Infinium NDE, LLC

Infinium NDE, LLC provides solutions for the most complex challenges in the energy market. Unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive understanding of industry enable us to match the best-fitting NDT technology to your specific need. We provide development, validation, training, and application of advanced NDT technologies including Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), and Eddy Current Array (ECA). Headquartered in Bradenton, FL, USA, with a NADCAP accredited laboratory in Irving, TX.

Acquired by IIA in October, 2015



Industrial Inspection & Analysis, Inc.™ is a national-level high growth inspection, testing and analytical business, building a national platform to serve a breadth of industrial sectors and geographies. Since 2015, IIA has grown to a global company with over 300 employees and 19 offices through 13 acquisitions and integrations.

Founded in 2015