Real-world safety starts with a simulation.

When it comes to testing the limits of a new product, part or component, vibration testing can give you the answers you need to ensure safety and performance under real-world conditions. By subjecting the test item to sustained or periodic shaking over a specified period of time, vibration testing can identify performance issues and help prevent potential failures down the road.

Our Capabilities

Our labs use a state-of-the-art vibration or “shaker” table to perform:

  • Sinusoid (“sine wave”) testing using periodic oscillations of constant amplitude
  • Random testing using a variety of pulses from the amplifier to better represent real-world scenarios
  • Vibration testing with up to 44 foot-pounds of force
  • Virtually infinite testing iterations — over days, weeks — even months, as needed
  • “Stinger” attachments to allow testing of larger objects

Vibration testing applications include:

  • Electronic modules
  • Automotive assemblies
  • Aerospace devices
  • Disk drive testing
  • Hermetically sealed components, joints and parts

Your One-Stop Shop

To complement our vibration testing services, IIA offers an array of nondestructive and destructing testing, including load and pressure testing, along with multidisciplinary engineering support and analysis. For example, if a part fails during vibration testing, our metallurgical engineers can quickly step in to determine the root cause of the problem.


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