Julian Cawthon: Mastering the Art of Metrology “Metrology is a world not a lot of people know about. I didn’t know about it until I was in it,” says Julian. “When you measure… Read Article
Dodge Bamberger Solves Inspection Dilemmas Through Custom Solutions A lifelong curiosity about the inner workings of machinery led Dodge to where he is today. Read Article
KENNY MAZOUR DOES “WHATEVER IT TAKES” His first day working in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) would have sent the average 18-year-old sprinting away from the job site. But not Kenny… Read Article
HOUSTON: “WE HAVE A SOLUTION” Even at a young age, there were hints of the mechanical engineer Eric Houston would become. Read Article
Mike Maguire: People Person, Problem Solver As Senior Sales Manager for IIA, Mike is serious about selling inspection services that help keep other families safe. Read Article
A Passion for Polymers Brimming with enthusiasm for organic chemistry — and polymers in particular — Carly brings expertise and passion to her role as Chemist at IIA. Read Article
Brenden Allen is Hooked on Chemistry “My most memorable job was being in the Lake of the Ozarks dam where they were doing a generator rebuild. They needed somebody to come out… Read Article
Former Welder Sparks Sales at IIA  Having spent more than a decade working in the field as a welder and a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), Andrew McKinney knows a good weld when… Read Article
Justin Bogy’s RVI Expertise Makes “Impossible” Inspections Possible Cool in a crisis and always willing to lend a hand, Justin Bogy, Operations Manager of our RVI Division, might be the first call you want… Read Article


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