IBAK MiniLite Pan & Tilt
Push Camera

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Equipment Description

The IBAK MiniLite is a compact push rod camera system for the inspection of building and estate drainage systems. It convinces with easy operation via a splashproof 10 inch touch display and a joystick.

The operator can handle it flexibly. He can use his finger or a stylus or can connect a keyboard. The system can be reliably operated after only a short training period thanks to intuitive menu guidance.

Text can be entered and image or video files (MPEG 4 AVC/H.264) can be saved with the IKAS recorder to the integrated PC. Easy data exchange is possible via a USB stick. In combination with the ORION, the NANO or the POLARIS camera, laser measurements can be performed (optional).

Depending on the requirements, the system can be additionally equipped with an extension function and software. IKAS Mini is available for simple projects without any complicated data exchange formats. With this software, inspections of sewage systems can be performed in compliance with the EN 13508-2 standard which is valid in Europe. The inspection result is output to paper or a pdf-file in the form of clearly arranged reports.

If particular data exchange formats are required or if a 3D site plan is to be created, complete IKAS evolution software can be installed on the system.

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Probe: 1.5 bar / 22 psi fully immersible over the full length | System: System housing IP 54 splash water and dustproof

80 m (exchange basket 500/10)

Water spray protected, IP 43, 10 inch touch display

Approx. 1.6 kg (ORPHEUS 2) / approx. 1,85 kg (ORPHEUS 3)

Compact push camera system

400 x 780 x 720 mm (without control console)

Text input or storage of image or video files (MPEG 4 AVC/H.264) on the integrated PC, data exchange via USB 3.0