Scanning and CAD Modeling Prototypes

Rapid Results

When you need to rapidly prove out parts in development, IIA is a ready-resource to turn scan results for you – often in 48 hours or less. Our team can also produce the file format you need for developing tooling. Your project will be personalized - managed by a highly skilled individual with whom you will have a direct line of communication.

Equipment, Capabilities

Qualifications, Accreditations, and Certifications

ITAR Registered

ASQ Certifications

All inspectors are certified to one or more of the following:

  • CQI (Certified Quality Inspector)
  • CMI (Certified Mechanical Inspector)
  • CQT (Certified Quality Technician)
  • CQE (Certified Quality Engineer)
  • CQM (Certified Quality Manager)
  • CQA (Certified Quality Auditor)
  • Duns Number:19-993-4829
  • NAICS: 541380 (Mech. Testing Lab or Services)
  • Cage Code: 0GB04
  • SIC Code: 8734

Scanning Outputs

Point Cloud

Raw 3D Scan Data (.txt, .asc)

Generated by all 3D scanning technologies, raw geometric data is collected as a point cloud. This is the first step in every project.


Raw 3D Scan Data with a polygonal wrap (.stl)

Neutral file primarily used by the 3D printing industry.


2D Visual Report (.pdf)

3D Interactive Report (.pwzip)

Point cloud data is overlaid to an existing CAD model or scan data of another part to show deviation. Used for rapid design verification, tooling validation, and first article inspection.

Referred to as a Deviation Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) or Verification (CAV), or Color Map. Reports can also be manipulated to show specific dimensional call outs or FAIs. We call this a "CAV Plus".

Modeling Outputs

Native Parametric Formats

Models developed in your native CAD platform. Constructed with a fully functional design tree, robust models are built for ease of editing.

NURBS File Format

Best for modeling organic shapes that do not need to be edited. Surface or solid file output (.igs, .stp)

All Reverse Engineering and Modeling project customers receive a Live Model Review at project completion.


"In a hyper-focused myopic state I had the models to be scanned shipped out to your people before confirming the schedule. Your team could have justifiable said 'your timing problem is not our problem!'
  Instead, in seamless fashion, first contact with Steve led me to a quote from Julie and Ryan is getting us what we need. We got client approval Tuesday afternoon, shipped the models to you, and our first scans were in hand by Thursday afternoon.
Excellent team work."

- Jonathan T, bleck design group


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When you begin a project with IIA Inspection, we'll want to know your stated and unstated project needs. We value making and keeping aggressive commitments to help you get to the next step in your project. With equipment and skills specifically for rapid prototype support, we’ll find the best approach to completing your project.