For over four decades, IIA has been the trusted leader in the consumer products testing market within the automotive, aviation, recycling, and medical device industries, among others. Partnering with IIA Lab Services for product testing, means you receive fast, reliable compliance assurity from our experts, while never compromising quality.

Does this product meet regulatory requirements? Is this product in compliance? Is this product safe for distribution? IIA understands the necessity of following and meeting all required standards, certifications, and compliance regulations. Within our quality labs, our experts provide all consumer testing protocols which all ensure safety and satisfaction for consumers and positive reviews and enhanced revenue for our customers.


Our experts make sure individual pieces and finished products are functioning safely and properly, and the results you receive from our experts are always fast and reliable.


What happens to material during harsh weather conditions? During high pressure, stress, heat, or other conditions that might take a toll on or degrade materials? Our experts give you the answers to those questions and more.

During the testing process, specific environmental conditions can be replicated to determine whether the product can withstand a particular set of conditions and for how long. Another question that can be answered by our lab technicians is what exactly happens to the material during the breakdown, corrosion, or degradation process?


Keep consumers and your company’s reputation safe. IIA’s team helps you mitigate risks and avoid serious injuries. When reports indicate a defect, these can be taken into account and corrected.

Regulatory Services

We have specialty labs certified in CPSIA Test Methods, we are RoHS Compliant and certified by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. We offer unmatched responsiveness with an unusually quick turnaround time without sacrificing quality.


The only way to support quality and compliance and to ensure all specifications and regulations are being followed before distribution is through lab testing. This is particularly important for our partners who manufacture products for the medical industry.

CPSIA Compliance Testing

  • Phthalates Analysis
  • Lead Testing per ASTM E1613 for compliance with 16 CFR 1303
  • Soluble Heavy Metals Testing per ASTM F963
  • CPSC Certified Laboratory
  • Children's Products Testing
  • Lead Paint
  • Lead content in Substrates
  • RoHS Compliance

IIA Lab Services provides timely, accurate results that show whether our clients' products are in compliance with federal regulations.

IIA is certified by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Certifications and Guidelines

  • ISO 17025:2017