Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) is the go-to expert for comprehensive fire truck inspections because we fully understand the necessity of keeping your crew safe, maintaining a dependable fleet, and meeting regulations. We have been the trusted leader in fire truck inspections for over four decades and offer top-to-bottom inspections, including first-line and reserve-line apparatus inspections.

Using our mobile pump tester and customized methodology, we conduct fast, thorough, and reliable services that either meet or exceed NFPA guidelines, and we are ISO 17020 accredited. Our speed and effciency keeps your fleet operating with minimal downtime. With our refined methods, in one day we test what it takes others several days to complete. And IIA’s expansive geographical reach means we’ve got you covered all across the United States.

Services We Provide

Technology We Use

Pump Commander

IIA's Pump Commander is a large trailer with an inner tank that allows us to complete Fire Pump Testing on an apparatus that has a pump on it. It is filled with clean water that allows IIA to draft water for a pump test. Our test ensures that your fire trucks and fire pump are performing at the correct number of gallons per minute (GPM's). IIA is also able to hook up the pump commander and perform pump tests on up to two fire trucks at one time for pumps that are smaller than 1500 GPM's. The IIA Pump Commander is portable and we typically perform tests at a fire station, but tests can also be completed at multiple industrial fire apparatus service agencies. Lastly, IIA ensures that our Pump Commander complies with the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA guidelines.

What Customers are Saying

"Thank you for coming out and doing our inspections on such short notice. It’s greatly appreciated. IIA’s technician was top notch. He was very knowledgeable and friendly, and we are going to have him back to perform our next inspections. Thank you!"

~ City of Redfield Fire Department


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IIA’s Fire Department Testing Division understands your needs and goals and we guarantee a streamlined and worry-free inspection experience for you and your...

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Certifications and Guidelines

  • Adheres to all EVT and strict NFPA standards
  • Ground ladders are in accordance with the current NFPA 1932 guidelines
  • Complete inspection and non-destructive testing program to meet the current NFPA 1911 as well as 1932-2010 guidelines
  • ISO/IEC 17020 Accredited