Steel Bridge Structure Inspections


For almost 20 years now, IIA has been providing bridge NDT services to structural steel bridges, relating to initial fabrication and erection (visual QA inspector) as well as in-service fatigue inspections. Our inspections are carried out by technicians certified to CGSB standard 48-9712 as well as CSA W178.2. All inspections are directed by a professional engineer experienced in bridge inspection and certified as a CSA W178.2 level 3 inspector.

Not only can you rely on our field personnel for your inspection needs, but our in-house engineers also develop inspection test plans and create professional bridge inspection reports complete with CAD drawings of bridge details.

We use a combination of visual inspection and various nondestructive testing methods to inspect the following structural components:

  • Bridge/box girders
  • Abutment welds
  • Trusses and columns
  • Bolts and rivets
  • Stiffener plates
  • Diaphragms
  • Splices
  • Bearing plates

If you need inspection done on complicated bridge structures (i.e. truss structures) that can't easily be reached by a bridge master, then our rope access inspection team may be able to assist.

Project List

Here is a small sample of bridge projects we have worked on:

  • Project: Structural in-service fatigue inspection of 20 bridges in Hwy 401/400 region. Consultant: AMEC Foster Wheeler. Scope: Visual, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle & Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Project: Inspection of Welds for the Grand River Bridge Rehabilitation Project at Hwy 403 in Brantford as per MTO Contract 2013-3021. Owner: Ministry of Transportation. Scope: Visual Inspection
  • Project: Structural Inspection of Lost Lake Bridge; HWY 560, E of Elk Lake. Consultant: AECOM. Scope: Visual, Magnetic Particle & Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Project: Structural Inspection of Blanche River Bridge; HWY 112. N of HWY 11. Consultant: AECOM. Scope: Visual, Magnetic Particle & Ultrasonic Inspection.
  • Project: Inspection of Murdock River Bridge (NBL & SBL) Fabrication and Erection MTO Contract 2012-5101. Consultant: AECOM. Scope: Visual and Magnetic Particle Inspection of Bridge Fabrication
  • Project: Structural inspection of Marten River Bridge. Consultant: AECOM. Scope: Visual, Magnetic Particle & Ultrasonic Inspection.
  • Project: Structural inspection of HWY 401 over Trent River Bridge at Site 11-185. Consultant: Morrison Hershfield. Scope: Visual, Magnetic Particle & Ultrasonic Inspection.
  • Project: Weld Inspection of Magnetewan River Bridge at Hwy 520 Overpass in Burks Falls. Contractor: Teranorth Construction. Scope: Visual & MPI Inspection.
  • Project: Visual Inspection of Rehabilitation Repairs on Various Bridges. Contractor: Clearwater Structures. Scope: Visual & MPI Inspection, Engineering Certificate of Conformance.
  • Project: Structural Inspection and QA Services for Rehabilitation of the Agawa River Bridge. Consultant: Aecom. Scope: Visual, Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection.

Bidding on a Contract? Give us a Call

If you are bidding on an MTO or municipal contract that calls for in-shop fabrication inspection of new bridge components, or fatigue inspection of existing steel bridges, give us a call — we can help.