a test is worth a thousand opinions

When one of the top-ranked zoos in the United States needed to ensure that a newly designed cage would hold a gorilla who escaped from a previous version, they turned to IIA for mechanical testing. To help protect astronauts as they returned to Earth, the U.S. space program trusted our team to test the astronauts’ re-entry face shields under special environmental conditions.

In both cases, fatigue testing delivered the data needed to put our clients’ minds at ease. As our Lab Services team likes to say, “a test is worth a thousand opinions.”

Figuring Out Fatigue

Most often in life, we aim to avoid breaking things. But in the world of structural integrity, destructive testing plays a critical role in ensuring that a material, part or component will perform as intended over the course of its lifetime. A controlled failure in a laboratory setting can provide a wealth of valuable information to position your project for success.

In general, fatigue testing assesses a material’s ability to withstand repeated loading conditions, such as pressure, pulling, vibration, or temperature. With expertise in sinusoid and random Vibration Testing, IIA is equipped to provide the answers you need to ensure the safety and performance of products, parts and components.

Why Choose IIA?

Our ISO-accredited testing lab provides timely, accurate results, using a wide variety of test equipment and experienced personnel. Mechanical test specimens are prepared in a fully equipped machine shop. We also offer design and fabrication of test fixtures.

Each application will have different testing needs and requirements. With your goal in mind, our experienced team will offer specific testing recommendations. We can even develop custom tests to meet your unique needs.

By learning more about the limits of your test item, and the forces that lead to fatigue and failure, IIA can position your project for success.


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