trusted leader in equipment integrity

When a lift does not go according to plan, or an equipment failure causes an accident, Industrial Inspection and Analysis(IIA) can help you quickly get to the root cause. Our team is prepared to conduct (or oversee) a thorough, unbiased investigation and provide engineering solutions to ensure equipment will not endanger workers.

Along the way, we will help you navigate Ministry of Labour requirements for accident reporting and resolution. As a trusted leader in equipment integrity, we are frequently called upon to provide expert witness testimony in legal proceedings. Clients also partner with us for subrogation services that can reduce insurance costs. We bring an eye for detail to every investigation and experience that spans decades and industries.

Our Team of Experts Can Assist With the Following:

  • Determine the reasons behind a misadventure or equipment failure
  • Meet Ministry of Labour requirements for accident reporting
  • Reduce insurance costs through subrogation of accident responsibility
  • Expert witness services in court proceedings

Certifications and Guidelines