As a leader in non-destructive testing (NDT), IIA helps aerospace companies ensure the safety of parts and components before they ever leave the ground.
  • Our state-of-the-art laboratories use a variety of complementary NDT methods to paint a comprehensive picture of component condition.). When a part is too large or too delicate to ship, our labs can provide on-site NDT testing and quick turnaround times.
  • And our Lift Services team is a leader in performing inspections and non-destructive testing to ensure lift equipment is structurally sound and safe to use.

Our team stays up to date on the latest standards, regulations, and technology affecting the aerospace industry. We provide NADCAP accredited, ISO and AS compliant non-destructive testing. Our Sunnyvale and St. Louis labs are also certified FAA Repair Stations.

From ground support equipment (GSE) to airplane components to satellite solar arrays, no flaw will escape detection by our advanced technologies and experienced team. Partner with IIA and gain peace of mind.

Lab Services for the Aerospace Industry

Lift Services for the Aerospace Industry

Engineering Solutions for Ground Support Equipment

As a full-service company, we can also provide engineering solutions related to custom design lift devices, engineered critical lifts, outrigger mat shoring, engineered weld repairs, and load rate/derate cranes.

Overhead Crane Services

With over 20 years of experience, we are the industry leader when it comes to the fabrication and installation of new crane equipment, as well as the testing, training, maintenance, and repair of all crane systems. Our crane engineers can also assist with engineered weld repairs. Read more about our Overhead Crane Services.

Compliance Tracking

Many aerospace companies partner with us to perform and track required ANSI or OSHA inspections and keep them in compliance. Our team is well versed in all regulatory requirements affecting lift equipment in the aerospace industry. From start to finish, we keep meticulous records of our inspection process and test results. You can trust IIA to track your testing needs and inform you well before your equipment is due for inspections. This service reduces the risk of compliance issues and allows you more time to focus on your core business.

Operational/Safety Inspections of Lift Devices

For decades, we have provided on-site inspections and certifications to all the major players in the aerospace arena to ensure the safety of GSE, overhead cranes, fire trucks and other aerial and lift devices. Our NDT expertise allows us to accurately detect surface and subsurface defects without damaging the equipment being tested. We offer a wide variety of complementary NDT, including magnetic particle testing (MT), ultrasonic testing (UT), visual and operational inspections — and more.

Fire Services for the Aerospace Industry

Fire Truck Inspections

IIA is the go-to expert for top-to-bottom fire truck inspections, including hose, pump, ladder and other apparatus. Using our mobile pump tester and customized methodology, we conduct fast, thorough, and reliable services that meet or exceed NFPA guidelines. With our refined methods, we can test in one day what it takes others several days to complete — and that means less downtime for your emergency vehicles.

Our trained and certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVT) have years of experience in actual fire situations. That firsthand experience allows them to quickly pinpoint problems with ladders, hoses and pumps and ensure safe fire ground operations. Our expert fire department services help protect firefighters and could potentially save your department money.

Aerial & Ground Ladder Testing

As an ISO/IEC 17020 Accredited Corporation, IIA offers a complete inspection and non-destructive testing program to meet the current NFPA 1911, as well as 1932-2020, guidelines for testing aerial ladders, elevating platforms, water towers, and ground ladders. We test metal, fiberglass, and even wood ground ladders between 5 and 45 feet in length. These tests include visual inspections, horizontal bend test, roof hook test, and hardware test.

Our highly trained staff works with ground ladder manufacturers to gain a full understanding of the operational qualities of all types of ladders. We work quickly, efficiently and professionally to help ensure firefighters are using certified equipment in the field. Read more about our Aerial & Ground Ladder Testing.

Fire Pump Testing

Our state-of-the-art mobile pump testing units allow us to accurately test fire department apparatus on location with minimal downtime, and limited use of municipal water, water tankers, or cisterns. We use clean, cool water to test your pumps, which minimizes potential damage. Read about the types of fire pump testing we do.

Each test is supervised by a certified EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) who adheres to all EVT and strict NFPA standards. All pump testing is immediately recorded electronically in our Safety Testing Database, which keeps track of your current and prior year service testing details.

Fire Hose Testing

Professional, timely service has made IIA the premier provider of fire hose testing in the United States. Our proprietary testing equipment allows us to test more feet of hose, under varying levels of pressure, faster and more accurately than any other company. Our crew supervisors and highly trained staff ensure that each hose length is both pressure tested and visually inspected. (And we guarantee that you'll love the way everything looks when we leave.) Read about the strict process we follow, and ask about our hard suction hose testing service!

IIA labels and records all data for each length of hose we test, in accordance with NFPA standards. We also maintain a computerized history of your fire company's hose for every year we service them.

Why IIA?

IIA is an industry leader in conventional and advanced NDE, with decades of experience in the aerospace industry. Our one-stop-shop services mean fast turnaround times and cost-effective solutions for aerospace and airline companies. When you partner with IIA, you gain access to a vast network of skilled technicians and licensed engineers, specialized inspection tools, lab facilities and quality – every single time.

To ensure the highest level of safety and quality in the aviation and aerospace industry, IIA provides AS9100, AS9102, AS9110, AS9120 compliant services.


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Certifications and Accreditations

  • AS9100 Compliant
  • AS9102 Compliant
  • AS9110 Compliant
  • AS9120 CompliantA2LA Chemical Testing
  • A2LA Mechanical Testing
  • ANSI A92.2 -1969: Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms
  • Cal-OSHA Certified
  • Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) Certified
  • Federal OSHA Certified
  • NADCAP Accredited
  • Level III NDT Certified
  • NADCAP Quality System (AC 7004)
  • NADCAP Non-Destructive Testing
  • NADCAP Material Testing Laboratory
  • NFPA
  • ISO/IEC 17020 Accredited
  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 Accredited
  • ISO/IEC 17065: 2012 Accredited
  • ITAR Registered
  • FAR Part 145 Certification – Repair Station
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)
  • ASNT Certified Level II & III
  • Washington State Construction Crane Certified

We can issue your approvals for USA, CANADA and EU Scopes
Our facilities meet a variety of MIL-SPEC, ANSI, ASTM, and ASME Specifications