Quality Control & Assurance Inspectors


You can't always be on site to ensure that your project is going according to plan. That's where our experienced team can help. Our quality control and assurance inspectors are available for projects across Canada.

We are experienced Quality Assurance Inspectors servicing Ontario with most major CSA, ASME, AWS, and API standards as well as some international standards. Some of our past projects include:

  • Mega-boiler reconditioning projects
  • Building projects
  • Bridge fabrication and erection
  • Pipeline construction
  • Transit bus shell fabrication

We can tailor your project inspection requirements to fit your needs. We can customize an Inspection and Test Plan for your project, complete with hold points at critical stages of fabrication. Common functions include (but are not limited to):

  • Track project progress and inform owner of status using reports and photos
  • Liase with the owner, authorized inspector, production foreman, and other parties
  • Develop and implement an Inspection and Test Plan
  • Ensure incoming material and sub-assemblies are according to specification and are traceable throughout the fabrication process
  • Develop or review welding procedures and verify adequate equipment
  • Witness welder qualification testing and ensure that fabrication procedures are followed correctly
  • Visually inspect production weld quality and overall workmanship
  • Confirm as-built dimensions match drawings, document variances & NCR's
  • Coordinate nondestructive testing and review results
  • Observe product shipping and receiving operations
  • Audit fabricator's quality control department and activities
  • Prepare final quality documents for hand-over to the owner

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Be sure that your project is done right and on time — it could save thousands of dollars in rework and repairs as well as countless hours of frustration and down time.