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The Inside Look on IIA’s 3D Scanning Capabilities - Industrial Inspection & Analysis Laboratory Services offers cutting-edge CT Scanning, 3D Laser Scanning, and Geometry Recreation. These services support the entire Product Lifecycle from New Product… Read Article
IIA’s Equipment and Experts: Intrinsically Safe - The experts within Industrial Inspection & Analysis’ (IIA) Field Services Division are the industry’s premier provider of Hazardous and Explosive Environment remote visual inspection equipment commonly… Read Article
Tips to Avoid Crane Failure - As with any piece of heavy equipment, overhead cranes require regular maintenance to ensure safety, efficient operation and also to prolong the life of the crane… Read Article

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From Visioning to Engineering - Ellyn Lu has been with IIA for one year now and is currently in the Engineer in Training Program. You could say that Ellyn is a… Read Article
Doing What He Loves Everyday - Lance Warren is one talented guy and by the looks of it, he has managed to squeeze three different exciting and successful professional lives into one.… Read Article
IIA Field Services, Oil Refineries Video - From foreign object removal to unexpected sinkhole examinations, to assisting in turn arounds, IIA has the remote video equipment that helps refineries observe, identify and document… Watch Video
IIA Nuclear Services IIA Nuclear Services - IIA Nuclear Services provides incomparable advanced NDE solutions to both domestic and international nuclear power plants. IIA Nuclear Services offers a comprehensive range of proprietary technologies… Watch Video
3 Reasons 3 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Crane Company vs. Inspection Only - Overhead cranes must be inspected on an annual basis, but why hire a full-service crane company vs. an inspection only company? Watch Video
A Major Pipeline Services Company Partners with IIA Lifting Services as Go-To Repair Service and Annual Inspection Provider A Major Pipeline Services Company Partners with IIA Lifting Services as Go-To Repair Service and Annual Inspection Provider - IIA works with a major pipeline services company that designs, builds, and operates natural gas pipelines and provides services to customers across the US. Read More
Remote Visual Inspection Williams Companies Rely on Industrial Inspection & Analysis for Emergency Remote Visual Inspection - Williams is committed to being the leader in providing infrastructure that safely delivers natural gas products across the U.S. Read More

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Field Services Cut Sheet - Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) performs reliable, cross-industry inspections. For example, we work within the oil and gas industry, petrochemical and nuclear sectors. We offer effective… Read More
Plant Services Cut Sheet - Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) is the go-to professional for high-quality, safe and reliable inspectionsall across North America. All of our inspections are conducted by leading… Read More
IIA's comprehensive inspection plan IIA’s Comprehensive Inspection Plan: Location Matters. - When it comes to inspecting the internal condition of your pipes, even the world’s best technology is pointless if you are looking in the wrong areas. Read More


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