Dimensional Inspections

3D scanning is a fast, flexible, and highly accurate way to gather data which can be analyzed to provide feedback on the accuracy of your manufacturing process. IIA has extensive experience in the dimensional inspection of a wide variety of precision components. This expertise, coupled with 24-hour operations, allows for a rapid response to all of your inspection needs.

With tremendous capacity, our multiple lab locations can run many inspection projects in parallel. Each project is managed by a highly skilled professional who will communicate directly with you and answer any questions.

Lab Equipment And Capabilities:

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)+
  • Hexagon CMMs with Analog Scanning (PC-DMIS)
  • Zeiss CMMS with Analog Scanning (Calypso)
  • OGP Vision CMMs (Zone3 and Measuremind)
  • Hexagon Optiv Performance with Chromatic White Light Interferometry Scanning
  • Hexagon Optiv Classic (PC-DMIS)
  • FARO Portable CMMs with Laser Scanners
Scanning Capabilities+
  • Hexagon HP-L 10.10 Blue Light Laser Scanner
  • GOM Blue Light Laser Scanner
  • LDI Surveyor 3D Laser Scanners
  • Cyberscan Confocal Micro-Scanners
  • Chromatic White Light Interferometry Scanning
  • Analog CMM Scanning
Surface Finish Evaluation+
  • Zeiss Surfcom Profilometers
  • CyberScan Laser Micro-Scanner (non-contact surface finish)
Support Capabilities+
  • Optical Comparators and other standard dimensional inspection equipment
  • Robust Inventory Control System
  • 2,000 lb Hoist Capacity
  • Class 10,000 Clean Room Inspection
  • Polishing Wheel
  • Cutoff Machine
  • Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Parts Cleaning Station
  • Wire EDM Resources

First Article Inspection

A First Article Inspection (FAI) is a formal inspection which provides feedback, and preferably validation, at the beginning of a manufacturing process, ensuring that the setup is ready for production.

We perform and report First Article Inspections and capability studies according to your specifications. At IIA, our FAI reports utilize the dimensional properties of a production part in comparison to design specifications. We can perform FAI’s on a wide variety of items, and inspections may include distances between edges, positions of holes, diameters and shapes of holes, weight, density, stiffness, color or surface finish.

Why IIA?

IIA has decades of experience in the industrial testing arena, and we are among the largest and most trusted providers of laboratory services in North America. From the face of a penny to the contours of a fighter jet, we can scan virtually any object. Partner with IIA and gain confidence in your manufactured products and processes.


September 9, 2022
3D scanning is a fast, flexible, and highly precise way to confirm the accuracy of your manufacturing process, and the safety and quality of your products. Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) provides advanced 3D scanning, modeling, analysis and geometry re-creation to customers in every industry and in every phase of product design and production.
May 3, 2020
CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine
Choosing the Right Service: Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Inspection or Laser Scanning
A CMM Inspection defines part features through direct contact with the part using industry standard methodology to define features of the part. It’s a highly accurate system but can be more costly to use for a large quantity of parts.

Qualifications, Accreditations, and Certifications

All inspectors are certified to one or more of the following:
  • CQI (Certified Quality Inspector)
  • CMI (Certified Mechanical Inspector)
  • CQT (Certified Quality Technician)
  • CQE (Certified Quality Engineer)
  • CQM (Certified Quality Manager)
  • CQA (Certified Quality Auditor)
  • A2LA Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025: 2005
  • ASQ Certifications
  • ITAR, JCP and SAM Registered
  • DCS Certified
  • NADCA Participation
  • Federal Firearms License
  • A2LA Testing Cert: 1172.01
  • Duns Number: 19-993-4829
  • NAICS: 541380 (Mech. Testing Lab or Services)
  • Cage Code: 0GB04
  • SIC Code: 8734

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