When it comes to difficult inspections, Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) does not shy away from a challenge. As a leader in remote visual inspections (RVI), we offer drone inspections to navigate the most challenging inspection scenarios — from amusement park rides, to elevated conveyor belts, wind turbines, buried piping, and other hard-to-reach places.

Drones allow us to complete visual inspections in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible or extremely costly, time consuming or unsafe to access. Drone inspections quickly deliver the data our customers need, without the expense of scaffolding or the safety concerns for rope access inspectors.

Our Drone Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art drones offer unique capabilities:

  • CONFINED SPACES: Our toolkit includes drones specially designed to navigate confined spaces such as pipes and tanks — anywhere people cannot or should not go for safety reasons.
  • INFRARED CAPABILITIES: We also have drones that can measure heat signatures of equipment to help identify potential leaks, failures, and excess wear and tear.
  • FAA LICENSED AND NDT CERTIFIED EXPERTS: Performed by FAA Licensed Drone Pilots, who are also Certified NDT Inspectors, our drone inspections feature IIA’s signature attention to detail. You’ll receive thorough reports that include high-quality video highlighting areas of interest and analysis by our expert inspectors.


All of our drone equipment are MADE IN THE USA, which allows us to use them on even the highest security projects, such as military and nuclear power plants.

Benefits of Drone Inspections

Thanks to drone technology, inspections that once required a helicopter, rope access, scaffolding or other costly measures can now be done with minimal personnel, minimal prep time and minimal cost and risk. Drones are also an efficient complement to our other repertoire of inspection methods.

Benefits of drone inspections include:

  • Reduced downtime
  • No scaffolding costs
  • Minimal manpower and prep needed
  • Virtually no safety hazards
  • Less disruption to your work site
  • High-quality data delivered by certified inspectors

Drones are invaluable when there is simply no other way to get close enough to the equipment you need to inspect. For example, the complex, elevated network of piping that exists in many process plants and refineries makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to erect the scaffolding needed to pinpoint the source of a leak. Our drones are small enough to safely maneuver through the network of piping in a variety of facilities and plants. This RVI technique gives an up-close look and video documentation of leaks and other industrial integrity issues.

While scaffolding can take days or weeks — and hundreds of thousands of dollars — to erect and dismantle, a drone inspection can often be completed within hours. Customers can then make informed decisions about asset repair and replacement, and may be able to safely avoid or postpone unnecessary capital expenditures.

Are you facing a highly difficult inspection?

Before renting lift equipment or erecting scaffolding, contact IIA to see if a drone inspection by an FAA Licensed and NDT Certified Expert could work for you.