Advanced Inspection of Reactor Vessel & Internal


We understand that time is money. IIA’s advanced AIRIS™ inspection method delivers more reliable data while saving plant owners time, trouble and cost.

Developed by our own in-house experts, the Advanced Inspection of Reactor Vessel and Internals System (AIRIS™) represents a vast improvement over previous inspection phased array methods.

For more than 20 years, we have successfully used the AIRIS platform to examine welds inside reactor vessels and storage tanks. AIRIS™ is the industry leader in BWR and PWR weld integrity scanning, offering the lightest single-pass scanning solution with the smallest implementation crew in the marketplace.

On average, crews conducting an AIRIS inspection are 50% smaller than crews performing similar examination methods.

Accurate, fast, and easy to use, the AIRIS robotic scanner can also be instrumental in quickly moving projects from emergency status to back-on-track, with minimal schedule and budget impact.


  • SPEED & SIMPLICITY: AIRIS allows us to perform in a single scan what others need multiple scans and a crew of several to complete.
  • COST SAVINGS: Our method takes less time and fewer technicians, which translates to cost savings for the plant owner.
  • MORE RELIABLE DATA: With AIRIS, the scanner sensor is able to withstand more temperature variations as it moves from top to bottom inside the tank. This means the device operates with more precision, and, in turn, data reliability greatly increases.
  • AGILITY: It’s compact size and extreme maneuverability allow the AIRIS robot to easily move around internal components and restrictive areas, providing access to a greater total scanning area. This is simply not possible with other examination devices.
  • MINIMAL SITE SUPPORT: With a small footprint and no need for a polar crane, AIRIS™ requires minimal site support compared to other inspection methods. That means other tasks can be performed while AIRIS examinations are underway — for example, refueling, in-vessel visual examinations, and other in-vessel maintenance tasks.
  • LOWEST RADIATION EXPOSURE: Requiring a crew that is, on average, 50% smaller than crews performing similar examination methods, AIRIS decreases radiation exposure.
  • CUSTOMIZABILITY: Our team can fully customize the AIRIS design and quickly mobilize a trained crew to your site after completing a full testing sequence in our mockup facilities.


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