National Technologies Chooses IIA for Calibration Needs


Calibration is the process of comparing an instrument’s accuracy to known standards and is essential to maintaining the accuracy and repeatability of tools over time. Certified ISO 9001 companies are required to calibrate their tools to ensure the quality of their finished products and services, guaranteeing safety for both employees and customers.

The Challenge

National Technologies provides machined engine parts for leading OEMs. In the process of machining these essential engine parts, the tooling used can become worn, warped, or even broken. To keep their team operational and prevent unnecessary downtime, National Technologies relies on Industrial Inspection and Analysis (IIA) Lab Services to calibrate their tools and ensure all their equipment is ISO certified, meaning the tools used are safe, reliable, and of strict quality.

The Process

IIA Lab Services has worked with National Technologies for over 10 years calibrating their tools. Two days a month, IIA Lab Services technicians visit National Technologies’ headquarters to calibrate hundreds of gages, totaling over 5,000 a year. On-site service is just one of the many standout offerings that IIA Lab Services provides for their clients. “There’s a peace of mind among employees and ownership knowing the equipment doesn’t have to leave the shop,” says John Barnett, First Article Inspector and Quality Technician at National Technologies. In addition to on-site services, when emergencies do arise, IIA Lab Services provides inspection and repair at their laboratory.

The calibration servicing and the customer service are what keeps us with IIA Lab Services, defi nitely.

John Barnett - Quality Technician / First Article Inspector at National Technologies

Why National Technologies Chose IIA

When two companies work well together for a long time trust, camaraderie, and cohesion are built among them. “The calibration servicing and the customer service are what keeps us with IIA Lab Services, definitely,” says John. In addition to the calibration services, IIA Lab Services has introduced and implemented a calibration management software solution that allows National Technologies to digitally store and manage tool information and certification. This software allows National Technologies to produce reports easily and accurately when it comes time for their yearly ISO certification.

End Result

IIA Lab Service’s partnership with National Technologies is a testament to how choosing the right calibration vendor can enhance your manufacturing process. From less downtime to faster problem resolutions, having a team that understands the tools, processes, and reports helps National Technologies remain ahead of their competition.