IIA’s Lift Services team has decades of experience performing inspections and certifications for a wide variety of lift equipment, and mobile cranes are one of our specialties. Using third-party inspections not only ensures the safe operations and compliance of your cranes, but also aids in minimizing down time by finding problem areas that might lead to expensive repairs.

Our inspection process includes a complete visual inspection of all hydraulic, structural components and controls to ensure that your crane is in compliance with regulations and operating safely. 

Mobile Crane Services

IIA’s mobile crane services include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Operation Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Opacity Testing (Diesel Smoke Test)
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Critical Pins
  • Post-Accident Inspections
  • Insurance Estimates for Repairs

Our inspectors carry all the required warning safety decals and can install them at the time of the inspections, should they be worn or missing.

We pride ourselves on providing a timely response. Upon completion of your inspection, we will provide a computer-generated report before leaving your site, as well as certification documentation for passing equipment.

Our inspections are performed in compliances with applicable ANSI, state and federal regulations. For Washington and California, all work from our technicians will be certified per the WA-OSHA and Cal-OSHA standards, respectively.