What makes our training programs stand out from the rest? Simple: they’re performed by the same trusted professionals who provide world-class service in our measurement lab. IIA offers a number of interesting and flexible in-house and on-site training programs to meet your educational needs and goals.

CMM & Measurement Equipment

Are you fighting with new CMM (coordinate measuring machine) software? Did the manufacturer’s training leave you confused or wanting more information? Have you hired a new CMM operator? Have you purchased a used CMM system and aren’t familiar with the software? Maybe you just want to get the most out of your investment.

Let IIA help you streamline your CMM usage and optimize your production. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced in a variety of CMMs and software packages, and specialize in Mitutoyo and Zeiss. Further, we will tailor our training to your specific needs: your parts made using your manufacturing methods and drawings, and starting at your experience level.

Inspection Principles

This training subject is the foundation of what our inspectors do; consequently, it is the foundation of what we teach. In addition to the quality control fundamentals such as blueprint interpretation and learning how to perform valid and proper dimensional inspections using basic inspection instruments, this hands-on training program delves into applied statistics, selecting and using the appropriate measuring tools, validation, sampling, traceability, nonconformances, calibration and, of course, the IIA philosophy.

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) per ASME Y14.5

The importance of a working knowledge of GD&T cannot be overstated. It is more critical now than ever to effectively communicate and interpret design requirements. IIA provides small, informal and interactive training seminars covering all aspects of the Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing specification ASME Y14.5. The seminars provide working knowledge through an understanding of the underlying principles and the extensive use of examples, provided both by IIA and introduced by the attendees.

NDE Training

Ready to take your technical skills to the next level? Does your company need internal NDE knowledge for project oversight? Want to learn how to use one of IIA’s cutting-edge inspection tools?

IIA is a leader in non-destructive examination (NDE); and we are committed to sharing our expertise to develop the next-generation NDE workforce.

Our Technical Training is a great way to invest in your team and your company's success. We have several training programs available to build knowledge and skills that will benefit your company for years to come. Fill out this form and let us know if you are interested in Technical Training on IIA’s cutting-edge inspection tools, such as ARMUT® and PASS®, as well as conventional and advanced NDE techniques. Our Technical Training will build in-house knowledge and improve your company's ability to evaluate and relate NDE needs with NDE experts.