Industrial Inspection & Analysis Field Services Closes the Gap for a Facility by Completing 10,000 Total Project Welds

August 17, 2020 | 3 min read

Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) Field Services has a vast array of experience providing quality NDE inspections for upstream, mid-stream and plant construction. We have vast experience and expertise providing X Ray, Magnetic and Penetrant Testing, Phased Array Ultrasonics and, Radiographic Testing (RT) on pipeline weld-joints to identify cracks or parts that are joined incorrectly. We care about your success and take pride in our ability to establish long-term partnerships that ensure goals are achieved, and expectations are exceeded.

What Does it Mean to be Behind on Welds?

When a company is behind on weld inspection, it slows down welders, pipefitters, electricians, and every other person and vendor with a role in that project. As with any job in this industry, deadlines exist, and there are consequences to not meeting target dates. Many times, there is a negative financial impact for working beyond a project’s set time limit. For example, when a company is behind on weld inspections, neither gas nor oil can be run through the system, which means revenue lost, and perhaps more importantly, essential customers cannot be serviced. IIA knows what it means to offer crucial support to and close the gap for a company who experienced this critical dilemma.

The Process

IIA understands the key elements in planning and implementing a procedure to offer an efficient and effective resolution to this all-encompassing challenge. IIA’s team assesses the situation, confirms assistance can be offered, and begins logistics for support. Expert technicians from IIA arrive on-site to evaluate and begin setting up to conduct Radiography Testing (RT) weld inspections. Essentially, IIA becomes an integral part of a critical and fast-moving assembly line. First, the right-of-way is cleared. Then, the pipe is put out and welded, but prior to the pipes being placed below ground, the welds must be inspected. That is where IIA’s expertise comes into play. Our technicians use (RT)on these welds to make certain every joint is secure and aligned properly, and that there are no out-of-code discontinuities in any weld joints. Once the x-rays are taken, developed, and read, documentation regarding each weld and image is completed.

166 Shifts

While the average technician can shoot 60 welds per day, our top tier technicians can shoot up to 100 welds per day. For example, if a total project is 10,000 welds behind, that equates to approximately 166 shifts. Especially in a circumstance such as this, IIA takes even more pride in our motto: Your Challenge. Our Expertise. During this particular situation IIA mobilized 8-12 trucks, and our expert technicians worked shifts every day of the week to ensure quality weld inspections and efficient, story-worthy service.


IIA uses cutting-edge equipment and our mobile units are fully-contained with everything technicians need to perform inspections, including correct film options, dark rooms for film developing, job task appropriate curies/focal spot, MT supplies, and PT supplies. This means scanning, developing and analyzing images happens within minutes, allowing customers to make prompt decisions regarding IIA’s findings. We also offer both physical images to keep, as well as computed images that are placed on a USB drive, for your convenience and long term records.

IIA Field Services makes certain customers get back on schedule quickly and safely by providing efficient evaluations, quality radiographs, and notable story-worthy customer service. From Oil & Gas to Nuclear Power Generation, regardless of project type or size, IIA Field Services customers receive on-site, professional, effective and accurate RT inspections.