Welcome to the IIA Client Portal, an advanced platform designed to empower our clients with direct access to a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from aerospace and aviation to power generation and more. Here, you can efficiently manage your service requests, access detailed inspection reports, and leverage our extensive lab and engineering services. Our portal ensures a streamlined, secure experience, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. Experience the convenience of our client portal and unlock the full potential of IIA's expert solutions today.

Lab Services

The Lab Services Client Portal Login provides exclusive access to a range of analytical and testing services. It's designed for clients seeking precision, reliability, and quick turnarounds in material analysis, failure analysis, and more. This secure portal streamlines the process of submitting and tracking samples, accessing reports, and consulting with experts.

Lab Services Client Portal Login

Wireless & EMC Testing and Certification Services

The Wireless & EMC Testing Services Client Portal is your gateway to specialized testing solutions that ensure compliance with industry standards. This platform offers streamlined access to testing services for electromagnetic compatibility, wireless device performance, and certification needs. It's designed for industries requiring rigorous testing to meet regulatory demands, providing a user-friendly interface for submitting testing requests, tracking progress, and accessing detailed reports and certifications.

EMC Testing and Certification Client Portal Login