Hard Work Pays Off

Sam Yank has been working his way up the ranks in this industry for nearly a decade now. He loves his job and appreciates being part of the IIA team. He’s come a long way from being a Trainee to being the Director of Sales for IIA, and he now spends a good portion of his time mentoring his sales team. He enjoys supporting and guiding them through the entire sales process from prospecting to pitching and closing.

In his new role, Sam has been able to put some of his own professional touches on the sales department by creating some new and different structures and processes. He’s definitely a “list guy.” He starts each day or week by making a list of what he needs to accomplish, whether it’s scheduling calls and meetings or making sure his team is supported in their sales efforts. Sam uses his previous experience in the field and in the office to ensure his team has everything they need to properly educate and guide potential customers. The goal is to make sure his team is providing the excellent, fast, and professional service that IIA customers have come to know and appreciate.

Sam now has 8 direct reports on his team, and this definitely keeps him busy, which makes him happy. Sam tells us that continuing to take part in customer calls “fuels my competitive spirit.” He is a people person and thrives when he is either traveling to see customers or when he is on conference calls with potential customers. He relishes helping his team plan, pitch and close deals. He says, “It’s a little bit of an adrenaline rush.”

With his energy, competitive drive, and teamwork mentality, it’s no wonder that in his ten years with IIA, Sam has quickly moved from Trainee to the Director of Sales for IIA. Sam appreciates that each day presents its own unique set of challenges and really enjoys problem solving, but he says, “Knowing that the IIA Management saw potential in me and trusted in my experience and abilities to take over this new role has been my proudest professional moment.”

Sam stands by the motto that hard work pays off. He is a hard worker, and he believes that if something is worth doing, then it is worth doing right. He tells us, “If you work hard and believe in it, you can do whatever you set your mind to!”