Mobile Crane Inspections & NDT Testing


Quality and safety are the foundation of IIA’s mobile crane inspection program. These values, and decades of experience, have made IIA an industry leader when it comes to inspecting and certifying mobile cranes in accordance with all applicable standards.

Our service approach includes the use of non-destructive testing methods to find potential cracks not visible to the naked eye, catching them before they become more problematic down the road.

A number of factors set IIA apart from the competition:

  • Our engineers are on staff and have actual hands-on experience inspecting lift equipment
  • Our inspectors are trained to examine equipment that is specific to the lift industry such as wire rope, hydraulic cylinders, wear pads, sheaves, rigging products, etc.
  • We keep informed of the latest standards, regulations, and technology affecting the lift industry through participation on standards committees and user associations. What’s more, we keep you informed
  • We can provide engineered repair procedures if serious defects are found and procedures cannot be obtained from the manufacturer
  • We can track your fleet’s inspection needs and inform you when your equipment is due

We have a comprehensive library of technical notes from most of the major crane manufacturers and detailed checklists for just about every kind of mobile crane, including:

  • Boom trucks
  • Conventional crawler cranes
  • Truck mounted cranes
  • Articulating loader cranes
  • Rough terrain cranes

Our crane engineers can also assist with the following:

  • Engineered weld repair procedures
  • Crane engineering related to lifting: custom design lift devices, engineered critical lifts, outrigger mat shoring, load rate / derate cranes, etc.

Don’t sell your inspection program short! Thorough crane inspection and maintenance mean more reliable equipment and greater peace of mind.