Winning Then, Now and Later

Bil Benton’s path to becoming South Texas Regional Manager for Industrial Inspection & Analysis, was in no way a straight line. The path was adventurous, ambitious and full of not one leap of faith, but several. His spirit to take risks, empathetic drive to help others, and quiet intellect are a few keys to his success and passion in life and within IIA’s Field Services Division.

In college, Bil earned a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and immediately after graduating, went to work for an asset management company overseeing the maintenance for CT Scanners, MRI units, and lab equipment. The next seemingly logical step for someone in his position is definitely not the one Bil took. Although he enjoyed his position, the desire to live closer to his parents (now deceased) outweighed most everything else. This is where we get a small glimpse of how Bil embraces his empathetic and helpful nature.

He accepted a job with the State of Texas as a Supervisor for the Department of Family and Protective Services. After spending 9 years working for the State Agency, a friend of Bil’s urged him to take the leap into radiography where he began what can be described as the embodiment of entry-level positions: an assistant (“helper”).

But, in just over two months, while learning how to effectively run an inspection truck, he fast-tracked his way through training and exams to become a Level II Technician. Then, just as he did when he was a helper, he fully engrossed himself into being a top-notch technician. He enjoyed the fast-paced days of being in and out of the truck, guiding the assistants, and training other techs on how to run their truck and thriving on being a mentor for his own assistants. Bil says, “The more I helped my assistants grow, the better our truck became.”

Busts and booms, risks and rewards. This is how the next few years of Bil’s professional life played out. After the 2014 collapse in oil prices, he wanted to make another professional move, but, he decided, it would only be “for the right opportunity, and not just for the sake of transitioning.” Bil wanted to be a part of something bigger and a part of shaping the direction of a business. As usual, Bil’s desire was to make his contributions matter, so he reached out to a friend, took another leap of faith, and that began his tenure at IIA.

In order to make this transition, Bil would have to retest and prove himself as the knowledgeable Level II Technician he had become. For him, of course, this was not a problem. He drove to New Mexico, successfully resecured his Level II status, and on the way home, he decided to take another leap of faith! He stopped to make a connection at a major pipeline company in a genuine effort to begin the makings of a trustworthy relationship. Lo and behold, he drove away with a smile on his face and a new customer!

Now, as a Regional Manager, Bil oversees territorial operations for IIA Field Services. While he primarily covers the South Texas area, he also works in other areas of the country. Bil supports his team and ensures the rigs are scheduled properly, documents and rate-sheets are in order, and customer expectations are met. Seems like he’s the glue holding it all together. Bil is an action-taker in every aspect of his life and believes we can all “win now and win later.” To him, building a trustworthy connection is the most important part of the process. Bil is intent on forging honorable relationships and says, “More than a good cost, I want to give a great partnership along with a great product.”

Bil hit the ground running on his first day with IIA, and he hasn’t stopped once. From acquiring a new client on a whim to becoming an integral part of helping design, BETA test, and implement a new Digital Ticketing System, and everything in between, he is winning.

Even so, the best part of his job, he says, “are the people.” He is always looking out for his team, and says, “I like making sure our guys have everything they need to be successful, and I celebrate their success.” He’s come a long way from helper to Regional Manager, and making these transitions aren’t always easy “but,” Bil says, “the other gains are a win to me.”


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