Overhead Crane Inspections: Safety. Personal Service. No Compromise.

July 30, 2020 | 3 min read

Industrial Inspection & Analysis Lifting Services values quality and safety when it comes to overhead crane services and inspections. IIA has a long-standing and well-maintained reputation in this industry and places great value on ensuring our customers receive the highest standards of care and service. These commitments, coupled with our highly-trained crane care experts, provide everything Fleet Managers need to make overhead crane inspections and certifications a worry-free, uncomplicated task.


IIA is just as committed to safety as you are, and we have our own Personal Protection Equipment and strict safety protocols in place. But, we also know there may be on-site safety trainings that IIA Technicians must complete before gaining access and working on your site. No matter what, when it comes to safety, our technicians are experienced, adept and ready.

After Hours Inspections

A core foundation of IIA’s business is excellent service and helping customers stay on schedule and meet time-lines, so we are available for crane inspections when it is convenient for you. IIA knows, when your crane is being inspected, you are not working, and when you are not working, you are not making money. We offer after-hours service, so you do not have to compromise your daily routine for crane inspections.

The Inspection

Your IIA inspector will conduct an item-by-item inspection, check the oil and all grease ports, perform a functions check and conduct an operational inspection. If planned and necessary, IIA’s professionals can also perform a load test, which is recommended. Load tests verify the amount of weight that a crane can lift. If this weight is insufficient, it can potentially decommission a crane, therefore it is essential to operating safely.

Repairs & Digital Reports

If our inspectors find deficiencies that can be repaired on-site, they can take care of that immediately. Otherwise, a requisition and estimate will be sent, and we will quickly schedule and take care of your repair needs. Another IIA benefit, is that inspections and reports are completely digital. After the inspection, reports can be printed and given to you on-site or emailed to you, which is more efficient and streamlines the inspection records compilation process.

Inspection Partnership

IIA Lifting Services professionals are the ones to call when it comes to inspecting and certifying overhead cranes. Our approach is professional and proven and includes the use of non-destructive testing methods to locate and alert you to potential issues, such as cracks not visible to the naked eye. Having an inspection partnership with a leader like IIA, and receiving important insight on the condition of your equipment means fewer problems, break-downs and repairs in the future. We can track your fleet’s inspection needs and inform you when your equipment is due for inspections.


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