Always Putting in an Honest Day’s Work

Brian Molcany, who made his way from Pittsburgh to Phoenix and finally to Oregon, has made a career in sales and it began many years ago, on the phones, in the telemarketing industry. Now, with nearly two decades at Industrial Inspection & Analysis, he still spends most of his time on the phone connecting with and organizing inspection renewals for current customers and also serving new IIA customers.

Brian’s relocation from Pittsburgh to Phoenix occurred after he and his girlfriend decided to throw a dart at a map to secure their next move. The dart landed in Phoenix, Arizona and, a short time later, so did they! After a job search, Brian found an opportunity at IIA, submitted his application, and given his knowledge and previous professional experience, it was a great fit. At the time Brian was hired, there was no inside sales department at IIA, so a new Telesales Renewal Department was created, and with Brian at the helm, the program was a success. Using his life-long sales experience, Brian was able to build up the Renewals Department and, at any given time, he had 3 or 4 inside sales associates.

After 12 years in Arizona, Brian made another move. If you’ve ever visited Phoenix in the summer, or any season for that matter, you know it is hot, and year after year those hot summers take a toll. This time Brian went to Oregon, which has a much cooler climate and is where he has been for 6 years now, still working in Sales for IIA Lifting Services.

Brian’s sales territory is not compact. In fact, for sales, he is responsible for covering half of the United States. In his travels and customer interactions across the US, he has learned many things. Brian has learned that while humans are fundamentally similar, we all differ in many ways based on the regions from which we come. Also, he knows there really is a lot to learn about the world in general. Brian tells us that when he began at IIA, he “didn't even know this industry existed let alone the industries that we service.” He is always learning and feels fortunate to have every state within the entire country as his territory.

It may surprise you to know that one of Brian’s proudest moments at IIA has been mentoring and watching another employee work his way through the ranks from technician to Director of Sales. “It was great to see him go from tech to inside sales to the VP’s right-hand man to Director of Sales. To see IIA’s system of internal training, employee growth potential and promotion really work and what you can achieve is memorable.”

Within IIA’s Lifting Services Division, Brian relays that everyone has a common goal, a common vision and supports each other. He says, “Working together this way makes our jobs easier.” Brian’s advice to others looking to support colleagues, achieve sales goals or just to be a better team member is to “listen more than you talk.” Brian believes that customers will explain what they want and need, but you can only hear it if you are really listening.

Sales has always been there for Brian and he has a subtle gratitude for it. In sales, Brian says, “You can really dictate what you want to do and what you want to achieve, especially within IIA.” Having good colleagues, attainable milestones, and differing perspectives, helps create success. “I am excited about the future,” says Brian, “with IIA’s systems, people, marketing team and management, you’d be hard pressed to find a better company to work for.”


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