Thriving in The Friction Point

Once a Marine, always a Marine. Before joining the IIA team, Adam Trofimoff spent 10 years in the United States Marines Corps. He spent five of those on active duty and was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in response to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Adam says “doing his part” after 9/11 was his calling. After deployment, his greatest joy was the moment he became a dad and once that happened, being a good role model and a present father to his daughter became the priority in his life.

No longer wanting to be uprooted or forced to travel, he secured a position for an e-commerce firearms company. This was a good transition into civilian life, and interestingly enough, it was in this job where Adam learned most about being detail-oriented and incorporating good processes and workflows into business. At the armory, Adam worked with engineers fitting prototypes onto firearms and conducting stability and safety tests. It was during this time that Adam’s interests in customer service, sales and technical details really grew.

Then, lucky for IIA, an opportunity to join the team was presented, and it is a great fit. “My position at IIA is not just a job to me; it’s a career,” Adam says. He truly connects with customers and the best part of his job is “helping people solve problems and negotiate roadblocks.” He thrives “in the friction point,” especially when it’s on behalf of others.

Adam is a lot like a detective when it comes to his job. He really enjoys perusing the blueprints and determining exactly what each print is for. “I really like looking at what our customers are making and how we are helping them achieve the best end product.” He certainly has seen a very fair-share of interesting items come across his desk and gets excited when a personal connection to the item, outside of the office, is made. For example, a truck engine or an airplane part. When this happens, he has an even greater appreciation for his job, because he knows he’s part of an important supply chain and feels good about that.

Adam’s experiences in life and work and attention to detail, coupled with dedication, are the guiding principles he uses to collaborate with colleagues and serve IIA customers. He is always on-the-move and making things happen inside Lab Services, whether it’s managing an account, preparing a quote, working on a technical aspect of a project, or assessing specifications for a customer. He also revels in visiting job sites, because it allows him to see things in action and gain a new perspective. When this happens, it helps him learn, create and implement new ways to better assist and support customers.

We know nothing will ever rival the moment Adam became a dad, but one of his proudest moments at IIA, during his thus far 5-year tenure, is when he jumped into action on a challenging repair. A customer accidentally broke a very expensive gauge and, of course, called Adam for help. Once he received the gauge, he pulled it apart, cleaned it up and repaired it. Repairing this height master wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because this very expensive and sensitive gadget works in microinches, and even the most minuscule incorrect movement or change could throw off the measurements and create a detrimental problem. But, as usual, Adam came through, and this is just one shining example of where his skill and focus on excellence has come into play.

As you can see, Adam has a great left-brain, right-brain balance. He is able to see the big picture while also focusing on the specifics. We all know the devil is in the details, and Adam definitely knows, the little details are the vital ones. He explains, “Our work has to be accurate every time,” and Adam is the right guy to make that happen.


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