September 21, 2023


ARMUT® TECHNOLOGY (Absolute Recordable Manual Ultrasonic Testing) combines the best of both manual and automated UT, and the Nuclear Services Division of Industrial Inspection & Analysis […]
July 14, 2023


Typically organic, polymers are chemical compounds that consist of chains of repeating monomer compounds/units. Used in diverse products ranging from furniture to pharmaceuticals to food packaging, the applications for polymers are endless..
May 15, 2023

RVI Brochure

Corrosion, cracks, holes, joint separation and debris — all can wreak havoc on systems from the inside out. In these cases, it takes an “inside job” to identify issues in the early stages. Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) offers remote visual inspections (RVI) to reveal the true internal condition of systems and components.
May 12, 2023


Today’s non-destructive tools and technologies allow us to inspect items inside a and out — without damaging the item’s ability to function. From the earliest stages in manufacturing to the investigation of component failures, IIA offers a broad range of non-destructive testing solutions and unrivaled customer support.
March 27, 2023

Fire Department Services

With life-threatening situations only a phone call away, firefighters have to be ready in a pinch — and so does their equipment. IIA is proud to serve those who serve others by providing inspections that help protect people and property.