September 27, 2022

What Types of Data Can Be Obtained from Nano Measurement?

Dimensional inspection is employed to measure a broad range of sample types in almost every industry imaginable. This same versatility is required at the Nano scale, which is why ongoing effort is put into the development of new measurement technologies.
August 30, 2022

What Is Metrology In Manufacturing? How we use metrology.

When manufacturing and inspecting thousands of parts, it is important to control your manufacturing process to ensure that it is capable of repeatedly creating parts that conform to the desired tolerance. In general, the tighter the tolerance, the less capable a specific process will be.
August 22, 2022
3D Measurements device measures 3D printed plastic part. 3D scan

When to use 3D precision scanning for your project

When you need quick feedback on the overall part to determine its accuracy to the design, a 3D scan may be the best option. A full FAI or even a partial dimensional inspection may be more than is necessary when performing an initial validation.
August 16, 2022
Why Erving Fire Department Leaves Testing to the Professionals

Pandemic-Related Pinch Leads Fire Company to IIA

With danger just a phone call away, the life of a firefighter is not for the faint of heart. Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) is proud to provide top-notch testing services that give firefighters one less thing to worry about.
July 29, 2022

IIA, the West Coast Partner of Bruker alicona, Introduces the µCMM into Service

After months of extensive research followed by planning, preparations, installation, calibration, training, qualification, and validation, we are proud to announce the deployment of the Bruker alicona µCMM, an extraordinary addition to our vast array of dimensional metrology technology and capability.