Westminster Tool Only Looks to Industrial Inspection & Analysis Lab Services for CT Scanning


Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning is an invaluable resource to employ during the process of designing, redesigning, or reverse engineering injection molds. CT scanning is used to view critical and non-critical dimensions and can also be overlaid with CAD models in order to detect dimensional and feature differences between expected and actual geometry. All of this drastically reduces the number of mold and part iterations and, in turn, saves time and money.

The Challenge

Westminster Tool is a leader in the manufacturing of complex solutions for injection molds and metallic components, and their mold design and manufacturing team provides unique solutions to unique challenges. When faced with existing products on the market or failing dimensional inspection, Westminster Tool consults with IIA Lab Services. “When we need to know more about critical dimensions, we call on IIA.” The professionals at IIA provide CT scanning, accurate measurements, and a more detailed assessment of the part in question, as well as consultative services.

The Process

IIA Lab Services begins with dialing in on exactly what the customer needs. Seth Hale, Mold Designer for Westminster Tool says, “Giving customers what they want is important, but identifying and delivering what they need is key,” and we know these two things can sometimes differ. Westminster Tool appreciates that IIA Lab Services also understands this reality. When preparing to design or modify a mold, there are tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. Therefore, providing accurate data, professional guidance, and making decisions that are in the best interests of the customer is critical. CT scanning is the best way to present the intricacies of the physical part compared to the CAD, as it shows the full story instead of singular discrete measurements. The results from the scan assist in understanding design and redesign needs, as well as quality capabilities and limitations.

Why IIA Lab Services?

When it comes to delivering an all-around positive professional experience, coupled with an end-product that is exactly what the customer needs, IIA Lab Services does a great job every time. From professionalism to product quality, “IIA Lab Services comes through each time with story-worthy service,” says Seth Hale. “Also, their core values really align with ours.” IIA Lab Services communicates quickly and clearly about every aspect of the project, goes above and beyond, and understands complex customer needs. Hale admires IIA Lab Services’s team because they “make sure everything is in place for everyone to be successful.”

End Result

A picture really is worth a thousand words, especially when it involves critical CT scans, analyses, and inspections of components for improving a product and ensuring safety and that it meets all requirements. “Westminster Tool will not look beyond IIA Lab Services for inspections or scanning because we are extremely pleased,” says Hale. IIA Lab Services brings the customer’s expectations into focus and highlights comparative data and CT scanning capabilities to ensure accurate, reliable, high-quality inspections.

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