Torque Wrench Calibration: A New Twist for IIA’s Mobile Testing Services

When one of our largest customers lobbied for a convenient new service, Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) listened — and within weeks, found a way to make it happen.

The customer, a major Midwestern utility, has long trusted IIA's Lift Services to provide on-site live line tool testing. In late 2022, the utility asked if IIA could also provide on-site calibration of torque wrenches, which are used in the maintenance and repair of bucket trucks and other utility vehicles.

A mainstay for auto mechanics, the torque wrench helps ensure that the proper amount of force is applied on a vehicle’s nuts and bolts. Torque wrenches must be periodically calibrated to ensure accurate readings.

At the time, IIA’s mobile testing capabilities only covered live line tools and protective rubber goods — common tools of the line worker’s trade. The utility had to ship its torque wrenches to a testing lab for calibration.

We know a good idea when we hear one, and we are committed to keeping our customers happy. That’s why Sam Yank, Director of Sales for our Lift Services division, reached out to IIA’s Lab Services division to deliver added convenience to this valued customer.

Karl Schmitz, Director of Materials Testing at our St. Louis laboratory, located spare calibration equipment that could be used in Lift Service’s mobile trailer and then trained Lift Services personnel how to use the equipment properly.

Rob Roedell, Midwest Operations Manager for Lift Services, worked closely with the customer to schedule torque wrench calibrations at each of the customer’s garages. Within several weeks of the customer’s request, IIA Inspector Kollin Hoerchler hit the road, traveling across the utility’s 43,700-square-mile service territory. In a span of about two weeks, he was able to complete on-site calibration of roughly 100 torque wrenches.

The convenience of this new service and quick turnaround time made an already satisfied customer even happier.

“This service was really important to our customer, so we were committed to finding a way to make this happen,” says Sam, who is eager to offer the new service to utilities, municipalities and any customer that relies on torque wrenches. “The customer was extremely pleased with the outcome, and the time and money they will save.”

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