Top 10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Inspection Providers

February 28, 2024 | < 1 min read

When evaluating inspection providers, it’s important to find a firm with the technical know-how and customer service to meet your expectations and needs. Asking the right questions can help you make a fair comparison and ultimately find the best match.

As one of North America’s most trusted inspection providers, IIA offers these Top 10 Questions to ask when evaluating potential partners.

  1. What kind of inspections do you provide?
    There are many different tools, techniques and technologies employed in industrial inspections. You can position your project for success by ensuring that your inspection provider has the experience, expertise and credentials to do the job right the first time.

    As a full-service provider, IIA offers a wide array of inspection services, from advanced non-destructive examination (NDE) to remote visual inspection (RVI) and drone inspections. We specialize in non-destructive evaluations and have developed unique proprietary tools to tackle the toughest inspection scenarios.

  2. What other services does your company offer?
    It’s helpful to know the extent of a provider’s capabilities should you have a need that goes beyond your original inspection request. A full-service provider can streamline paperwork and reduce costs associated with using multiple providers.

    IIA’s clients have access to a vast network of structural integrity experts, specialized inspection tools and lab facilities. Along with inspection expertise, our team includes licensed professional engineers who work closely with our NDE teams to streamline run/repair/replace decisions and maximize the life of your equipment.

  3. What standards do you test to?
    Different testing standards apply to different types of equipment. It’s important to make sure that potential providers have an in-depth understanding of all applicable regulations and standards affecting your equipment. IIA tests to all applicable standards, including OSHA, ANSI, API, ASTM and NFPA standards, and CSA standards in Canada.

  4. Are your technicians certified?
    It is critical that inspections be performed by trained and certified personnel, as defined in applicable standards. Ask potential providers about their technicians’ qualifications to complete your job.

    IIA maintains a robust training program to meet or exceed standards and requirements for personnel qualifications outlined in ANSI, NFPA, and other applicable governing bodies. Our team includes highly skilled technicians with certifications ranging from NDT Level I, II and III to Certified Quality Inspector (CQI) and Certified Mechanical Inspector (CMI), and many more. Our experienced professionals have a complete understanding of the codes and regulations that apply to your project.

  5. How do you explain and report findings to your clients?
    While inspection expertise is critical, it is not the only factor worthy of consideration. It’s also important to ask about the communication and support you will receive from a provider to help you understand inspection results.

    IIA provides comprehensive, easy-to-read reports that will help you prioritize and plan maintenance and repairs. We take the time to explain inspection data and are always available to address customer questions or concerns. At IIA, we aren’t satisfied until you are.

  6. Can you provide examples of past clients you’ve worked with?
    To get a better feel for potential providers, you can request a list of current and former clients and a portfolio of previous projects. The depth of that information, and the willingness to provide it, may be an indicator of a company’s expertise in a given area (or lack thereof).

  7. Has your firm successfully worked on similar projects?
    While every project is unique, you will benefit from working with a provider that has successfully worked on similar projects in the past. Previous relevant experience can help streamline the time it takes to complete your project. At IIA, we bring decades of diverse inspection experience to every job.

  8. Can you help with follow-up action to address inspection findings?
    If you might need additional assistance to address inspection findings, have a conversation with potential partners about their expertise, capacity and flexibility to assist with corrective action. As a full-service provider, IIA provides turnkey solutions that save our customers time, money and trouble.

  9. How fast can you turn my project around?
    To ensure that you meet your project’s goals and timelines, ask potential providers how quickly they can turn your project around. At IIA, we understand that time is money, and we strive to be on the forefront when it comes to delivering value-added services in a timely fashion. We bring a respect for client needs, budget and schedule to every job.

  10. What sets your firm apart from its competitors?
    A good consultant that has been around for a while knows exactly who they are and what they do best. Asking potential providers what sets them apart from their competitors can help you decide if that firm is a good match for you in terms of technical expertise, customer service philosophy and other factors.

    IIA is on a mission to make the world safer. With decades of inspection experience and a commitment to safety, quality and customer service, IIA is a partner you can trust.


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