IIA (Timco) Relationship Stands Test of Time

November 22, 2021 | 3 min read

As one of the pioneers in the use of wireless microphones, Jackie Green knows a thing or two about professional audio technology — and about loyalty. Her relationship with IIA (Timco) has stood the test of time.

It all began in the early 1990s when Jackie worked at Audio Technica and found herself in need of a trusted partner to complete required FCC testing of wireless microphones. Her search led her to IIA (Timco), which has provided highly regarded product safety testing and certification services since 1976. Little did she know it was the start of a partnership that would span three decades (and counting).

"I couldn't tell you how many certifications IIA (Timco) has done for me since then," says Jackie, who went on to found Nexonic Design, an engineering consulting firm, with her husband Bob. Along the way, she saw IIA (Timco) provide seamless service through mergers and acquisitions, including IIA's purchase of the company in 2018.

"The continuity of service and the quality of work stayed very high over the years so we stuck with them. Even when we were working on design projects in Japan, we still managed certifications from here so we could use IIA (Timco)," recalls Jackie. "IIA (Timco) is just good to work with. Their team communicates well and has a good understanding of code requirements."

That in-depth expertise allows the IIA (Timco) team to go above and beyond.

"Because IIA (Timco) has done so many certifications for us, they've come to learn what the possible obstacles could be. They can proactively ask us: 'What about this?' or 'Are you sure?'," notes Jackie. "It's become a true partnership and a really valuable resource to us. We definitely consider IIA (Timco) part of our team."

When new clients seek Nexonic Design's services midway through a project, Jackie occasionally finds herself working with other labs. At times, the experience has been less than satisfactory, from sluggish turnaround times to bogged-down bureaucracies — even a lack of understanding of FCC rules.

"Some projects became downright painful. The difference between Timco and its competitors can be pretty substantial. I am totally spoiled having worked with IIA (Timco)," she says. "If our clients haven't started their project yet and I can convince them to work with IIA (Timco) that's absolutely what I want to do. It makes my life easier and I can have confidence that when they tell me something, it's correct."

"IIA (Timco) is a company that we really value. They help us add value for our customers and we really trust them. Once you find that, you don't walk away from it."