This Master Inspector is All About Teamwork

Zeke Taylor joined the Industrial Inspection & Analysis Lab Services Division in 2007 as a Quality Technician and, in 2018 he was energized by a new opportunity and relocated from Minnetonka, Minnesota to Irving, Texas where he is now a Master Inspector.

Job Responsibility: customer interface, provide quotes, create quality plans, write CMM programs and inspect parts.

Zeke is both CQI and CQT Certified and is also involved in Account Management and Sales. He is proud of his technical expertise, commitment to customer focus and continued passion for the job. “I really like what I do. I love serving customers. I want to go to work every day!” Zeke spends a lot of time supporting, guiding, and helping his team learn and grow. His motto is, “I can’t succeed unless you succeed.” It has been two years since Zeke relocated to the Irving facility and the lab continues to thrive and is a place where his team members can hone their current capabilities and master new professional skills, while continuing to add value to customers, grow with the team and positively represent IIA.

A metric oriented mindset helps Zeke in his consistent and noble pursuits to better himself and his team and to create an environment in which everyone can thrive and focus on story-worthy service. “When you have metrics and goals -- when people know what is expected, they are always going to work to their best.” Zeke is proud to see the fruits of his labor, after two years of dedicating himself to IIA’s Irving team.

Zeke is an extremely committed person, both professionally and personally. He has three children and has been married for nearly two decades, and Zeke brings that same dedication to IIA. He is proud of the quality, professionalism, and story-worthy service that IIA is known for and strives to continue to support his team and the customers in these positive ways each day. “When I spend an extra two hours discussing a customer’s results with them, the empathy and concern we show for our customers comes through in what we do. It’s a genuine team.”

Zeke loves working at IIA. The passion he has for the job, his team and his customers shows every day. Zeke also loves his family, brisket, and bobbleheads. With professionalism, customer service, and teamwork all being at the top of Zeke’s list, it is easy to see why this facility is thriving.


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