The Links between IIA’s Experts and Your Solutions

January 4, 2021 | 3 min read

Noticing weld defects is one thing, but having the knowledge, training, and expertise to not only notice a defect but to also provide engineered repair methods is another unique professional talent altogether. Further, the same person having the ability to provide solutions by identifying the need for a change, consult with the customer and be the one who has the ability to engineer for and also oversee implementation of that change is astounding.

Industrial Inspection & Analysis offers the best of the best in this industry, and what makes us a leader has everything to do with our expertly trained, highly skilled, and uniquely experienced professionals who consistently deliver safe, reliable, and effective solutions.

For example, IIA’s Engineering Services includes a team member who is a licensed Professional Engineer, who has earned an International Welding Engineering degree and a PhD in Structural Engineering. He is also a CWB Level III Certified Weld Inspector and has a Level III NDE certification from the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

And of course, he has also worked as a Welding Inspector!

This myriad of training and expertise is almost unheard of in this industry, but our own Faramarz Rahiminia is a shining example of one of the many talented experts here at IIA. Our goal is to always offer our customers the safest, most unique, and reliable solutions to all of their challenges.

What’s intriguing and important about having such a unique insight and varied perspective, is the ability to consider all three equally important factors as it relates to structural engineering. For example, an expert like Faramarz has the knowledge and experience to appropriately consider engineering integrity, such as the potential stressors from service loads, winds or heavy snow, while simultaneously placing the same high value on safety and function, while also understanding the important role that strength and soundness play in regard to a weld.

IIA’s experts are behind the scenes designing, measuring, and engineering; making decisions on materials, processes, joints, and specialized applications. They are the ones who ensure the safety and integrity of, for example, a bridge. Behind the scenes, they must ask many potentially life-saving questions like, “can this element or material hold or resist a particular load?” And they must have the ability to pivot, if the answer is “no.” We are dedicated to safety, understand our obligation to structural integrity, and are committed to mitigating risks for equipment or structural failures.

IIA’s experts create and deliver solutions that meet and most times exceed expectations and requirements, and we know that safety is paramount, which is why it is always at the forefront of our projects. We are diligent about the properties of materials we use and are intensely focused on specifications and safety. Saving lives is the “Why” these professionals work so diligently in this field.

Expert solutions, varying perspectives, and uniquely skilled professionals. This is what IIA brings to the table when you partner with us for any of your projects. We always offer the best in services, safety, and dependability, and as Faramarz says, “Saving lives is what drives our diligence.”