Minni Jain: Expertise & Customer Service Focus

“Even as a child, I always wanted to build things,” recalls Minni Jain. “I always knew I wanted to be an engineer.”

It was no surprise, then, when Minni went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering. What was a surprise was that something seemed to be lacking in her new career.

“When I was working as an engineer in the field, I always wanted to know what was going on in the background and how the company was doing in the market,” says Minni, who went on to earn a Master’s degree in Industrial engineering. “My career moved away from engineering into more customer-facing roles.”

That career pivot led Minni to more than a decade of satisfying sales experience in the steel and construction industries. In March 2022, another puzzle piece fell into place when she joined Industrial Inspection & Analysis as Sales Engineer for IIA’s Canadian subsidiary, Domson Engineering.

“It takes a while to have clarity about what you want in a career. Until two years ago, I didn’t realize something was missing in my role,” she says. “I had never worked in the service industry, but I was intrigued by the idea of selling engineering services.”

Minni has never outgrown her love of putting things together — especially solutions to a problem.

“What I like best about my job is helping customers solve problems — it makes my day,” says Minni. “My engineering background helps get the conversation started, and helps me to understand the customer’s technical questions. It also gives me a better understanding of where bottlenecks can happen, so I can find and resolve them.”

That process often requires patience — one of Minni’s strong suits.

“I am very patient. I have two kids, so I don’t have a choice,” she says with a laugh.

After becoming a parent, she rediscovered a hobby she had as a child.

“I’ve enjoyed painting since I was a kid. Having my own kids rekindled my interest in painting and made me want to do it more,” says Minni, who enjoys capturing the beauty of nature on canvas.

When she’s not painting, you may find her at the poker table — a pastime that has taught her to observe people and notice subtle, unspoken cues. It’s a skill that serves her well in sales, too.

Her engineering expertise, straight-talking style, and passion for problem-solving make Minni Jain the perfect bridge between IIA and the customer. And no one is more pleased about that than Minni herself.

“This job is the perfect way to blend my experience and education. And it’s great that IIA is doing everything possible to try to capture market and serve customers in the best possible way,” she says. “It’s very interesting to see how IIA gets really involved and goes the extra mile to support its customers.”

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