Service Spotlight - Scanning an Excavator

In manufacturing and other industries where precision and accuracy are paramount, measuring tools play a critical role in ensuring quality and consistency. One of the most commonly used measuring tools is the Faro Arm, a cost-effective, portable device designed to provide precise measurements of objects and surfaces.

Digitizing Heavy Equipment

Also known as portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) or portable measurement arms, Faro Arms are compact and flexible devices that use a series of articulated sections to reach around obstacles and access hard-to-reach areas. With a typical range of motion up to 7 feet, Faro Arms can be easily moved around and repositioned, allowing for quick and accurate measurement of objects and surfaces.

Precision on a Larger Scale

Faro Arms typically have the option to use a non-contact measurement method, where a laser beam is directed at the object being measured. This method is faster and less invasive than contact-based measurement, making it ideal for measuring large and complex objects with delicate or easily damaged surfaces. Faro Arms are often used in manufacturing and construction settings for dimensional inspection, quality control, and reverse engineering.

The Lab Services team at IIA has extensive experience inspecting and digitizing heavy equipment. In this video, our inspectors use a Faro Arm to scan an excavator.

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