Mechanical Testing and Beyond

April 7, 2021 | 3 min read

Lab Testing for products, parts and components is important business, where accuracy and timing is everything. Trust IIA Lab Services for a variety of tests, including tensile testing, impact and load testing, abrasion, pressure and hardness testing. Our experts also provide welding/brazing certification and we ensure compliance and safety.

IIA Lab Services characterizes material properties and validates products to provide safety assurance, making sure your products meet both internal and external regulatory requirements.

Tensile Testing is used to characterize and validate material and mechanical properties, and toughness of material is determined through Impact Testing, and our lab professionals conduct the most commonly used and trusted impact testing methods, such as Charpy and Izod.

Our facility is dynamic, and our team has the capability of testing with a vast array of impact measurements, temperatures, and configurations, so we meet the needs of a wide variety of customers in varying industries.

IIA’s team also uses classic hardness testing methods; Rockwell, Brinell, and Vicker’s depending on the material and application. You can count on our lab experts to know exactly what testing methods need to be used for your project.

We can also verify performance and locate leaks for finished products such as pressure pipes or vessels. We perform proof, load, and stress tests to demonstrate and verify the design is safe and can function without failure beyond design parameters.

Our team assists in quality assurance and qualifying that all components are fit-for-purpose for every application, and many times friction can be the cause of deterioration of materials, so abrasion testing offers information on material or coating comparisons. The data can help categorize a material’s scratch abrasion resistance, based on lab-created circumstances, and can help determine the life expectancy of the material.

Welds are an important aspect of any device, and we offer solutions to ensure safety and integrity of welds. The procedures for creating and testing sample welds, and all of the results, are documented on a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR), which serves as evidence that a given Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) can be used to produce an acceptable weld. We provide mechanical and non-destructive testing of welded or brazed materials to ensure they meet all applicable requirements.

Our experts work closely with your team, and we understand the value of testing during all phases of the product life-cycle, no matter the product or project. Doing so can alleviate potential safety issues and oftentimes, testing during all phases, can mitigate failures. Spending time on this process with IIA’s experts, is an important step in the design process. Mechanical Testing is also a cost-effective way to produce technically superior products.

IIA Lab Services provide numerous testing methods beyond what is mentioned here, and our experts can choose the best and most cost-effective method for your project. We always work diligently to ensure safe, compliant and fit-for-purpose material.

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