Making it Matter for IIA

Recently promoted from Field Technician to Operations Manager within IIA’s Lifting Services Division, Brandon appreciates the change of pace, perspective, and challenges his new role provides. Previously, he was the lead live-line tools inspector, so he understands the obstacles his technicians face for each day’s inspections as well as for unique projects.

He says, “I love my new role and that it’s demanding and challenging, which is something I crave.”

Having had years of field experience, Brandon’s focus is on how to best simultaneously support his technicians and serve customers in an effort to ensure that inspections, scheduling, and reporting are all streamlined, accurate, and efficient and that his team is consistently delivering service that matches IIA’s Core Values.

Brandon’s day consists of many aspects including tracking, reporting, scheduling and customer relations. He also takes care of logistics for the technicians, like making sure they have everything they need to accomplish each day’s goals and taking care of removing any obstacles to those goals.

As a manager, he is clearly focused on the success of his team and always meeting or exceeding customer expectations. He does this, in part, by implementing the motto, Make it Matter. This motto serves him, his team, and his customers well. Brandon encourages the concept of making everything matter, whether it’s a face-to-face conversation, an inspection, a follow-up report, or a quick email. He explains that “supporting and guiding technicians and setting them up for success is fun and rewarding.”

Consistently holding to this “make it matter” ideal can sometimes be challenging, especially since Brandon’s division serves many industries, including the airline industry, the utilities sector, and also fire departments. Serving varying customers can mean a fast-paced environment where quick pivots are necessary on a minute-by-minute basis.

Nonetheless, Brandon knows how to go with the flow, make changes, and keep everything operating smoothly. Once he identifies an additional need or obstacle, he does what is needed to stay on track. He carries on serving his team and customers in perfect IIA fashion where safety and success are always priorities.

One of Brandon’s proudest professional moments happened recently during a meeting between IIA and a longtime customer, which is a major electric service company. Brandon’s dedication, professionalism, and responsiveness was commended by this customer to the entire team.

Brandon tells us, “It was a really good feeling to have someone I respect a lot speak so positively about me and my work.”

Brandon believes that his commitment to IIA, to being an excellent team member, and to making everything matter, are factors that equated to having been promoted to his current position. He is very proud of this accomplishment and will continue on the path of being a hardworking professional who is always trying to learn and improve.

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