IIA Lifting Services: Maximize and Protect Company Resources with a Fleet Safety Analysis

June 24, 2020 | 2 min read

Aerial bucket trucks are useful yet complicated vehicles that help many people across the country perform tasks from tree trimming to high-voltage wire repair, line construction and lighting maintenance. No matter the task, safety of the drivers, technicians and the public, is the most important factor. Compulsory inspections can certainly ensure safety, but with Industrial Inspection & Analysis Lifting Services, inspections are only the beginning.

When it comes to fleet management, IIA focuses on maintaining safe equipment and maximizing the life of each unit. The thorough inspection and detailed report received with our Fleet Safety Analysis (FSA) helps Fleet Managers maintain the standards of safety for every truck. Our new Fleet Industrial Inspection Tracker (FIIT) software enhances our ability to track inspections and sort data for user-friendly, actionable reports. The information also helps explain how preventative maintenance, and identifying trends in equipment defects, is affecting the bottom line. Given the current economy, it is particularly important to take protective measures to prolong the life and safety of equipment, while maximizing and protecting company resources.

During an FSA, our highly qualified technicians inspect, locate, and alert you to problem areas so trucks can be immediately scheduled into a maintenance program. This means fleet managers can focus on safety and preventative maintenance instead of costly future repairs, downtime or accidents.


Our technicians classify unit defects into four categories based on the significance and location of the defects:

Our customers partner with IIA for an annual or a bi-annual Fleet Safety Analysis because they consistently receive story-worthy service from responsive, effective professionals who care about safety and success. The FSA data that IIA gathers offers an extensive look into the condition and necessary maintenance of your fleet and helps with decisions to either prolong the life of the truck, keep units in a scheduled maintenance rotation, or to sell and replace units. Having this type of insight from IIA, an industry leader in inspections, means your company can plan, save, and allocate resources wisely.