IIA’s Equipment and Experts: Intrinsically Safe

September 21, 2020 | 3 min read

The experts within Industrial Inspection & Analysis’ (IIA) Field Services Division are the industry’s premier provider of Hazardous and Explosive Environment remote visual inspection equipment commonly used in pressure equipment and drainage pipe assessment needs. This type of equipment, often referred to as Explosion Proof (EP) Certified or EX rated, is specifically designed for internal assessments and is an absolute must for those working in environments where H2S and other LELs are found, such as within nuclear chemical, gas plants, refineries, and mid-stream companies.

IIA’s expert technicians assess the specific application and process and then deploy and operate Hazardous Environment rated equipment safely within, for example, public sewage networks, nuclear plants, or chemical refineries for all internal pipe condition monitoring needs, such as locating debris, viewing cracks or separated joints, or for retrieval.

The danger in not using explosion proof equipment within these environments ranges from damaging or destroying expensive equipment to potentially igniting flammable materials from an electrical spark creating a possible catastrophic situation. These situations warrant calling on and partnering with IIA, an industry expert and leader.

Once IIA’s professionals have determined what equipment is best for the application, we then mobilize. On site, before using this equipment and lowering it into a potentially hazardous environment, it is necessary to purge nitrogen, at a specific industry-standard level, into the equipment. This means, once the camera, crawler and tether are all safely connected, sealed, buttoned up, and ready to go, IIA’s technician purges the machinery with the proper amount and pressure of nitrogen which balances the atmosphere to eliminate electrical sparks, if any leaks do happen to occur.

Once the equipment is properly inserted into the pipe or pressure vessel system, IIA’s monitoring module provides necessary readings to observe, track, and record, in real-time, nitrogen levels, safety, performance, and internal conditions.

Hazardous environment rated remote visual cameras and crawlers are highly experience-based equipment, and IIA’s professionals are the industry leaders in mobilizing and deploying EX rated machinery. Our technicians assess application, potential obstacles, and then deploy the proper equipment using our highly-skilled technicians and monitoring modules. We understand how to prepare for potentially dangerous internal assessment, properly purge nitrogen, then seal the cameras, crawlers and tethers. We are experts at constantly monitoring readings, watching for potential leaks or other hazards, and acting quickly and appropriately if anything were to go awry.

As an industry leader with two decades of experience, specifically within internal pipe assessment and hazardous environment rated equipment, we understand the importance of safety and beyond that, we always deliver timely and accurate inspections and examinations. IIA has a myriad of appropriate equipment variations for use during internal pipe assessments: push cameras, camera heads, and tractors. Partner with IIA for full-service Explosion Proof Equipment needs, because having the right technician and the right equipment are both equally important.


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