IIA Lab Services: One Lab for All Your Needs

April 6, 2021 | 5 min read

Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) Laboratory Services is one of the largest and most trusted full-service industrial and commercial laboratory facilities in the country. IIA works across a spectrum of industries, and our experts offer unique, quality solutions for all of your challenges. IIA’s industry expertise, professional certifications, and highly-skilled engineers and technicians, coupled with our full-service lab capabilities to fulfill your project needs, whether it is supplementing capacity with occasional overflow, performing pre-compliance testing or third-party evaluation, contracting a CMM Programmer for new parts, or outsourcing your entire quality department, IIA’s One Lab Service can meet all of your lab needs.


IIA is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment and offers a multitude of services, such as dimensional calibration. Our lab is environmentally controlled; temperature, humidity and dust are all managed to ensure that test accuracy is unsurpassed.


IIA’s aerospace industry experience offers customers a greater understanding of major governing bodies’ requirements for pyrometry, such as meeting AMS2750E requirements and National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) technical compliance and audits. IIA designs and builds calibration equipment and understands there are individual requisites for each examined part, for example varying heat tolerances. IIA knows exactly which calibration cycles to consider in relation to specifications, equipment types, and parts being processed.

3D Scanning

IIA offers 3D Scanning services which is the first step to an array of applications, including reverse engineering as well as scan-to-CAD comparison. 3D Scanning is flexible, efficient, and highly-accurate. Are you curious about what we can scan? Anything from a small, flat coin to the dynamic geometry of a fighter jet and everything in between. We leverage our technology to overcome the constraints of size, complexity and material.

Scanning Platforms

  • Red Light Laser
  • Blue Light Laser
  • White Light
  • CMM-Mounted Systems
  • Arm-Mounted Portable Systems
  • CT Scanning (for internals)
    • Laminate and Composite
    • Additive Manufacturing (AM) Internal Features

Applications and Outputs

  • Precision Dimensional Inspection
  • Surface and/or Area
  • Deviation Analysis
  • CMM-Mounted Systems
  • Reverse Engineering (Solidworks)
  • Raw Point Data
  • Neutral Files

Conventional NDE

IIA Lab Services is an industry leader in Conventional NDE (Non-Destructive Evaluation). Our technicians inspect, test, or evaluate materials for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system. We offer a wide variety of NDE testing across the U.S. and some of those offerings are: Coating Thickness Testing, Conventional Radiography (RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Magnetic Particle (MT), Dye Penetrant (PT), Hardness Testing, and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL).

Destructive Examinations

IIA Lab Services performs destructive testing as well, which will help in understanding and analyzing an item’s material characterization and performance. Destructive examination is also helpful for fabrication validation and to test and investigate product failure. IIA has the capability of either following specific standards for your destructive examination or tailoring testing methods in order to replicate particular service conditions. These types of tests are an integral part of engineering and critical assessments and can sometimes involve non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques as well.

Dimensional Inspection

IIA’s vast industry experience in dimensional inspection, and our 24-hour operations, makes us the most efficient, effective and trusted leader in this area of lab services as well. We can respond to and help with all of your dimensional inspection needs.

IIA uses your specifications to conduct First Article Inspections and capability studies, and all of your projects are personally managed by a highly skilled technician or engineer.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Partner with IIA for all of your authentication methods and manufacturing needs. IIA’s reports display production part’s dimensional properties in comparison to design specifications. IIA can take care of all your varying inspection needs from edge distances and surface finishes to weight, density and stiffness inspections.

Product Certification

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Telecommunications Testing and Certification

IIA offers accurate and dependable EMC, Wireless, Radio/RF, and Telecom compliance testing and certification to meet most countries’ standards of electronic/electrical products, radio devices, and products with integrated wireless technologies. Our accredited certifiers review all applicable requirements and offer guidance on respective product requirements before and during the review process. Our technical services and technical support are tailored to your specific needs and included in our services package.

IIA Lab Services also streamlines the confusing and complex regulatory requirements for you by selecting the most favorable and economical compliance approach and issuing certifications and registering products with the regulatory authorities, such as the FCC, ISED Canada, MIC Japan, and CE European Union. This means the product is certified and quick-to-market. Further, depending on standards and region, IIA can also employ other types of testing, such as:

  • Electromagnetic Testing
  • Radio Frequency Testing
  • Electrical/Product Safety Testing

One Lab Benefits

Industrial Inspection & Analysis Lab Services IIA Laboratory Services has grown to be one of the largest dedicated quality lab service providers in the nation. Working across many industries to solve quality challenges and help companies grow in both capacity and capability. Whether you need to supplement capacity with occasional overflow, contract a CMM Programmer to program new parts, perform a third-party evaluation or outsource your entire quality department, you can be confident in partnering with IIA Lab Services for all of your industrial lab needs.