IIA is a Full-Service Provider for Customers

April 24, 2023 | < 1 min read

As a growth-driven company, IIA is always excited to bring our laboratory testing, field inspections and engineering services to new people and places. Beyond geographic growth, we are always looking to offer new and improved services that make life easier for our customers.

With a network that spans North America, IIA works together to offer creative, cost-effective solutions and story-worthy service. By leveraging each subsidiary’s unique skills and capabilities, we can better serve our customers.

From One Lab to Another: Micro-Hardness Testing

In 2023, a valued customer —a global leader in clinical diagnostics — called IIA’s Metrology Labs (previously known as QC Group) to request Rockwell Hardness testing (a type of metallurgical testing) on a purchased part. Normally, that would not have been a problem. But in this case, the wall thickness of the part was too thin to be tested on a standard Rockwell Hardness checker.

Not so long ago, our Metrology labs would have been unable to help the customer. Fortunately, with IIA’s acquisition of our lab counterparts in St. Louis (previously St. Louis Testing Laboratories in 2020), the metrology team reached out to them to perform the necessary test with a Micro-Hardness checker. Working together, they were able to quickly provide this customer a quote for the required service.

Lab & Lift Teams Collaborate to Calibrate

In 2022, IIA’s Lab Services team helped our Lift Services division add on-site torque wrench calibration to its menu of mobile services.

It all began when one of Lift Services’ live line tool testing customers lobbied for on-site calibration of torque wrenches. This would allow the customer to avoid the expense and delay of shipping its torque wrenches to a testing lab for calibration.

At the time, IIA’s mobile testing capabilities only covered live line tools and protective rubber goods — common tools of the line worker’s trade. But within weeks, our Lift Services and Lab Services groups had worked together to make it happen.

Our St. Louis laboratory located spare calibration equipment that could be used in Lift Service’s mobile testing trailer, and then trained Lift Services personnel how to use the equipment properly. The convenience of this new service and quick turnaround time made an already satisfied customer even happier.

These are just a few examples of why it helps to partner with a full-service provider like IIA. Whether you need inspection services, lab services, engineering services, or fire and lift services, we want to do what’s right for you. We have the resources and expertise to provide one-stop shopping for your inspection needs. Give us a call today.