IIA Delivers Fast and Accurate Results with Guided Wave Technology

August 18, 2020 | 3 min read

Vast improvements in non-destructive examination (NDE) technologies have been made recently, as well as improvements in understanding techniques, training and limitations, specifically in the area of advanced ultrasonics and Guided Wave Testing (GWT). Guided Wave is used to identify changes in a component’s cross section that could result in external and/or internal defects. Regardless of industry, GWT is a product of rapid remote ultrasonic screening of hard-to-access areas in a pipeline system. Industrial Inspection & Analysis always moves with the times and we use only the most effective and efficient technologies that ensure safety, reliability, and accuracy for inspections. We also make certain our technicians have the most up-to-date information and training regarding the deployment and implementation of all technologies we deploy for examinations.

In contrast with conventional wave ultrasonic systems that can only inspect the area that is close to or immediately beneath the transducer, with GWT’s increased penetration power and long-range potential, it is possible to also assess areas several hundred feet away. This is the best of both worlds, especially when used in tandem with other appropriate technologies to confirm areas of interest.

Benefits of GWT:

  • Full structure coverage
  • Utilized in both above and below grade piping systems
  • Single point access
  • Long distance inspections
  • Can access complex and previously inaccessible areas
  • Higher resolution and improved scan coverage with the latest generation of equipment
  • Cost savings due to speed and accuracy
  • Permanent installation for monitoring solutions
  • Little to no disruption, removal or reinstallation

Along with these benefits, Guided Wave also provides an increased level of inspection complexity that was previously not possible to achieve with traditional technologies. IIA’s team of professionals bring GWT to your facility to assess, identify and analyze the condition of your facility’s piping systems. The experts at IIA use GWT’s latest generational equipment, such as innovations in signal processing and sensor systems. Utilizing the latest technologies ensures the most efficient and accurate assessments that could save time and money.

At IIA, we understand the benefits of this technology, but we also understand the limitations as well. When GWT is not in the hands of highly trained specialists, it is sometimes over-sold as the only necessary examination too, and even rendered useless. IIA’s specialists understand the importance of using the right tool for the right job. Further, our professional specialists have the skillset and the knowledge to properly deploy Guided Wave examinations in relation to the relative external and internal factors that may influence the assessment results, such as piping configurations, soil compaction, coating conditions and structural connections such as valves, tees, supports and bends.

Industrial Inspection & Analysis offers Guided Wave examinations for an array of industrial facility piping configurations. The improvements in technology coupled with IIA’s trained experts means customers have confidence in the examination process and receive fast, accurate results. We focus on technology, training, and story-worthy service, and our mission is to constantly learn and improve, which means timely and accurate aNDE services for your facility.